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ColgateSmilezTajoureMgmt1The INDIEgator: Very well said. Both the Client (or Artist) and their management team needs to be properly educated on what they’re doing and aiming for in order to make this partnership work. Colgate, what does Tajoure Management have coming up this year?

Colgate: This year is Tajoure Management’s growth year. We will be expanding and launching our Entertainment and Production company, Colgate Smilez Entertainment.  With our expansion, our goal is to create at least 50 new jobs within the Houston Market.

The INDIEgator: In addition creating jobs for your community, you also do a lot of work with other Social causes. Tell us a little bit about those endeavors.

ColgateSmilezTajoureMgmt2Colgate: Doing what feels right and better for the greater good just comes natural to me, so does smiling.  Look out for our new HIV/AIDS Campaign, Be Positive.  The Be Positive campaign encourages education through Entertainment for people who are infected with HIV/AIDS and people who also deal with people who are infected. I’m also working with my good friend, Actress and Producer Dolly Gray on addressing domestic violence, child molestation and abuse.

The INDIEgator: Are you currently working on any Stage Plays, Films, Shows or other Productions?

Colgate: My mind, my talents and my creativity never stops.  There is always something brewing with me.  I am currently working on my one ‘person’ Stage Play, “Getting Dressed In The Dark” which gives audiences a glimpse of me and a true sense of my talents as a Writer, Actor, Musician, Dancer and Comedian. I am happy to reveal that our first reality production is currently in post production, so that will definitely be airing on cable television this year. You can also expect investigative news, daily talk shows, episodic television series, and films from Colgate Smilez Entertainment.  As an Entertainer myself, I’m currently working on my first album, Many Faces.  This album will include original audio productions written and produced by me, for the most part.  Don’t even expect anything, because if you know me, I’m unpredictable. My goal is to inspire people with any of my work, but especially with my musical talents.  I am more than sure people will be surprised, entertained, and will fall in love with my album.

The INDIEgator:  Wow! Colgate, you certainly have a lot going on and we think it’s absolutely Beautiful that you are not limiting yourself to just one talent. Thinking outside of the box is what makes people truly successful. How can potential clients or those who want to be a part of your movement (and put in some work) reach out to you?

Colgate: I encourage people to visit my website, www.ColgateSmilez.com or follow me on Twitter and Instagram @Colgatesmilez12 and Facebook  @Colgate Smilez.  You can also go to www.TajoureManagement.com.

The INDIEgator: Did you have any Shout Outs for anyone?

Colgate: I want to give a shout out to the head of my life who is the Alpha and Omega.  Shout out to each of you and know that I love you regardless, flaws and all.  I would also like to shout out my entire team, who I love and appreciate for trusting and supporting me.  Shout out to myself, because I have to love me before I can truly love someone else.  Shout out to all my ‘kids’ who are my heart’s beat.  Shout out to my dear and close friend Anita.  I love you and thank you so much for guiding me and all the late night phone calls and emails. SMILE ALWAYZ…………….COLGATE STYLE!!!!

Colgate is most certainly a true Entertainer to the core who knows the business and can help you further your career if you are serious about it. Stay tuned to his upcoming projects and get involved! Networking is a key factor to success in this industry and as you can see, he’s putting his hands in everything and taking his talents everywhere.


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