• Mz Fee’s Grown Folks Party

    - Article Short Link: http://TheINDIEgatorMag.com/?p=3965 We first came across Mz Fee years ago during a 3PG Big Phat Block Party held in September 2007. She's been in the Entertainment industry for years now promoting independent Artists across the world via Radio, Internet Radio, Club Showcases, Block Parties and other mediums. Our Music Editor Austyn "MrBugz" Jeter caught up with Mz Fee to learn what events led up to her getting into this field of work and what plans she has for the future of her company and endeavors. Austyn: Mz Fee, How did you get started in the Radio/DJ industry? Mz Fee: My late husband Kevin "KP" Ener had an Indie Record label along with his business partner Sean "Bdash3" Whittington. We were tired of going to mainstream radio stations asking for air play only to be told to go out, make some noise in the streets and then come back. With a city as big as Houston, you'd go broke trying to do that off of the income that we had coming in. After realizing

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