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Austyn: I hear you used to own a nightclub which often hosted indie music showcases, block parties, teen nights and other community events. Tell me a little bit about it and if you think you will ever own another club sometime in the future.

3pgMz Fee: I didn’t actually own the club, but I managed the girls that owned it; it’s a long story. Club 3PG was a lot of fun, but a lot of hard work too. The girls, Audriana “Pooney” Lane, Quanisha “Pebbles” Patterson, and Keir “Fiya” Sylvester were some really hard working ladies; I learned a lot about drive and determination from them. As far as owning or running another club in the future, I probably wouldn’t want to do that. It’s really a lot of work and that’s not the direction that I am going in.

Austyn: Even when you were a little girl, have you always enjoyed the art of Music?

Mz Fee: Yes! When I was an infant, instead of a mobile I had a radio in my crib. When I was in Elementary and Junior High, I’d go to the library and check out music instead of books. My interests ranged from classical Beethoven, to Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, Otis Redding and Sam Cooke. Music has always soothed me and up until my 20’s I could not even go to sleep without it playing. I’ve since had to alter that, but I still would listen to music rather than watch TV.

Austyn: Now do you produce mixtapes or anything of that nature for indies?

Mz Fee: It’s funny that you should mention that. I am considering doing this in the near future, so be on the lookout!

Austyn: Do you see yourself becoming a touring DJ, traveling all over the country promoting parties and hosting mixtapes for mainstream Artists?

Mz Fee: No, that’s not really the direction that I would like to go in, however I would love for my show to be syndicated like Tom Joyner. I am also considering airing my show on video; I’m working out those details right now.

Austyn: If you were not in the music industry doing what you are now, what could you see yourself doing?

Mz Fee: Owning the radio station but having a school within it for underprivileged kids to learn every aspect of radio, getting them off of the streets.

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