Mz Fee’s Grown Folks Party


Austyn: Is there anything else you’re passionate about besides music?

Mz Fee the FoodieMz Fee: Cooking. I love food. I’m a foodie. I love to watch all of the food cooking shows and competitions as well as go online and find recipes of food that I can prepare. I usually will find something and then tweak it to my preferences.

Austyn: Mz Fee, what else can we expect to see from you in the future?

Mz Fee: I’m writing a book about my life and the things that I have gone through as well as have accomplished. I currently have a blog on my website called “Inspiration for an Un-inspired World”. My website is I also would like to do Motivational Speaking. There are many things that have my interest at this moment. Stay tuned. You will definitely hear me, whether it be on radio or video.

Austyn: How can our readers get ahold of you and also listen to your radio show as well?

Mz Fee: My radio show is on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 8pm-10pm CST. Also, I accept music submissions from indie Artists, Labels and Producers via email. My other websites are:


Austyn: Thank you so much for sharing a piece of your journey with us today.

Mz Fee:  I enjoyed this interview and hope the readers got a little more insight on me and my show. Thanks for your time as well. I love The INDIEgator Magazine! It’s an awesome outlet for those wanting to get what they are doing independently seen by a wider audience. Thank you for this opportunity.

The INDIEgator Loves you too Mz Fee!!! We wish you to continue being a beacon of light for Indie Artists across not only your city of Houston but worldwide and we will be sure to keep a lookout for your upcoming projects as well. Also CONGRATULATIONS on your recent engagement to James Thomas! We are thrilled you have been able to find love again. Hope we get an invite to the Wedding (or the after party)!


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