• Gospel Artist Shaun G’s Gift to the World

    Facebook│YouTube│ Vevo│ Twitter│ Instagram - Article Short Link: http://theindiegatormag.com/?p=4152 In September of 2013 I was invited to a Jam Session at a TV studio in Houston that was featuring a Gospel Artist visiting from Dallas to film a few promos and interviews. My good friend and long time Business associate, Jay (JM & Associates), thought it would be a great idea for me to check this Artist out for a feature in The INDIEgator magazine. Shaun G, is originally from St. Louis but has been living in Texas for the latter years of his life.  Shaun was first introduced to music as a young boy in church and just loved the sound and rhythm especially of Gospel, R&B and Jazz due to their chord changes and the soul behind them. Even so, he still claims to love all styles of music simply because “every style is different and should be appreciated.” His first opportunity to get in on that action and perform himself was during a Christmas program at his home

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  • Houston Comedian Brandy Adams’ Got Jokes

    Article Shortlink: http://TheINDIEgatorMag.com/?p=4086 © EP Images. Brandy Adams performing at Houston's Improv comedy club. Ms. Brandy “Itelljokes” Adams, as her name suggests, is a Comedienne from the Southside of Houston, TX (Dead End neighborhood) by way of Jasper, TX. Ever since she was a kid, she always found the humor in life and had a natural gift to keep those around her rolling in laughter. Inspired by Comedians Rodney Perry, Joe Clair, Comic View Comediennes Montana Taylor, Hope Flood, Ms. Laura, and Edwonda White, Brandy did her own first comedy performance at the age of 19 for her church. The INDIEgator: Brandy, what was your first opportunity to make people laugh and how did the audience respond? Brandy: At my Pastor and his Wife’s anniversary. I bombed! I walked up there and forgot everything, just blanked out. The Audience, oh they never said it, but it was a church so everybody was like “That’s ok baby” and “God knows your heart”. When

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  • Pieces of Reese: Remembering Reese Kirkland II (Tawab Rawchaa)

    Article Shortlink: http://TheINDIEgatorMag.com/?p=3989 Comment and Share Below!!! Actual True Story: On Saturday, February 22nd 2014 our Friend, former Producer and Co-Host Reese Kirkland Jr. (also known by his Hebrew name: Tawab Rawchaa) was murdered while picking up his daughter from his ex-girlfriend's house for his regularly scheduled weekly visit. In honor of our Brother, our YouTube playlist above is a collection of videos that we have from when Reese filmed his special informative segment "The Real With Reese" on The Kitty Williams Show. This playlist will also include videos we've found from around the web that mention or show tribute to Reese while he was living and the circumstances surrounding his unexpected passing as well. Please check back regularly for updates. by Kitty Y. Williams That First Time... I remember the first time I met Reese Kirkland. In the summer of 2011, a friend of mine had just become partners with a local television station and was holding

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