Pieces of Reese: Remembering Reese Kirkland II (Tawab Rawchaa)


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Actual True Story:
On Saturday, February 22nd 2014 our Friend, former Producer and Co-Host Reese Kirkland Jr. (also known by his Hebrew name: Tawab Rawchaa) was murdered while picking up his daughter from his ex-girlfriend’s house for his regularly scheduled weekly visit. In honor of our Brother, our YouTube playlist above is a collection of videos that we have from when Reese filmed his special informative segment “The Real With Reese” on The Kitty Williams Show. This playlist will also include videos we’ve found from around the web that mention or show tribute to Reese while he was living and the circumstances surrounding his unexpected passing as well. Please check back regularly for updates.

Kitty Y Williams
by Kitty Y. Williams

That First Time…
I remember the first time I met Reese Kirkland. In the summer of 2011, a friend of mine had just become partners with a local television station and was holding a casting call for an upcoming new show featuring Houston talent. As a favor, I was working the front desk gathering release agreements from everyone coming to the auditions, which would be filmed. I remember one  brother who turned his in. If I recall correctly, he looked very handsome in his pastel lavender button down shirt, probably buttoned all the way to the top as was his style, with his black slacks and shiny black shoes on. Impressive. His gorgeous curly hair and big white smile caught my attention initially. Anyway, he went to the back to audition and I thought nothing else of it. There were over 100-200 other people I had to contend with. When Reese came back out to exit the studio, he first made it a point to stop and smile, then asked me who I was and what I really did for a living. I was a bit intrigued as no one else really cared to ask. I was just the “Receptionist” for a day lol. We conversed for a moment, I let him know about my TV show coming to the network and we exchanged Facebook information. I believe he said something like if things didn’t work out with the audition he would come work with me. Win win for him. The man had a plan.

Conversations With Reese…
On June 10th 2011 I received a Facebook email from Kirkland  that read, “Hello I would like to give you my # so we may discuss some more ideas. Please give me a call.” Pretty soon we agreed to meet up and brainwave ideas for the new format of my show which had been on the internet since 2006. With the opportunity to broadcast to a potential millions of new viewers, it was time to step things up a notch.  In the beginning, Reese stated he wanted to come on and do marketing for my show. However the more we talked about that and our career goals in general,  I learned that he had a lot to share with the world as well. On top of that he would look Beautiful on television, was Super Intelligent, had a very Captivating Personality AND that whole package would be great for ratings! Together we developed the idea of his own segment on the show called “The Real With Reese” where he would educate viewers on different topics including Young Parenting, Teen Drug Abuse and other types of educational news he felt was important to the Urban community.  It really was a great idea. In the end we only completed two real episodes, two outtake/Blooper episodes and two commercials together. But we still had so much fun during the process. Sometimes he would bring his daughter aka his twin “Michelle” (2-years old at the time) to the studio and those were the funnest days as we’d chase her around set then finally sit down to film. Those two… lol. My only real regret is that when we decided to leave the TV station due to many developmental and technical difficulties on their end, I regret that we did not keep filming anyway for the World Wide Web. We could’ve been a hit power team in the media. Instead I put the show on hold thinking we had more time to get back to it later when circumstances were better. Regardless, Reese would always let me know that when I was ready to go at it again, he would be there, ready for his close-up. Always down for the team and a Complete Professional, he was a Very Loyal, Very Special friend to have and naturally grew on me like a little brother during the time we spent together on this project.

(RIP 1986-2014)

One Last Hug…
The last time I saw Reese was on one of the days we filmed. We always had great conversations about the work we were doing together as well as life in general. I’m a big hugger, so whenever it’s time for my guest(s) to leave we always share a big love-filled hug. It’s a habit I started a long time ago because you never know if it will be the last time you see someone… Unfortunately in this case, it was. After the camera went off, we left my studio and walked to the Valero talking and smiling, I gave him some cash for his work, bought me a Reese’s Pieces (my most favorite candy ever)… matter of fact, then we went over to the Taqueria Brenda’s and had a meal as we waited for the Metro to arrive and take him home. It was beginning to drizzle outside so we hugged, said goodbye and went our separate paths for the day. I never even could have imagined I would never see him again. Even so, through social media (Facebook) and sometimes via phone (when he wasn’t changing his number a bazillion times, lol) we always kept in touch or checked in on each other when we could.

Senseless Tragedy…
On Saturday, February 22nd, 2014 I was at my mother’s house helping her with her new book project. We shut everything down a little after 1am early Sunday morning. As is customary before I got to bed, I logged on to Facebook to check my notifications and news feed real quick and see what was going on with my friends. I suddenly felt the ground moved from beneath me. Familiar names were showing up on my news feed from profiles of siblings Reese had shown me years ago, all of the posts praying for him to be ok, or talking about how they had just lost their brother, or how they were just with him and can’t believe this is happening…… I couldn’t breathe. What???!!!  So I immediately emailed someone who said they had just seen him the night before and asked what happened. Apparently he had been stabbed to death but that was the only information available at that time. This was just Unreal.

In the News…
I went upstairs, closed the door and just bawled out, crying out to God asking how could something like this happen to such a good person? A really genuinely good-hearted person who wanted to help enlighten people…. I tried going to sleep but just could not. I was driven. I wanted answers damn it! But all I could find online was a KHOU11 story on how a young man on the Southwest had kicked down the door to his ex-girlfriend’s house and was stabbed in self defense. I said Oh Lord, please do not let this be it because Reese wouldn’t do anything like that; it just was not in his character. So I settled for no news as my mind speculated on why he could possibly be stabbed. In the meantime, in order to help me rest, I wanted to watch some of the video footage I had on him from our hours in the studio. I first went to YouTube but then remembered that  I had the cutest video clip on my computer that no one but he and I had ever seen before and felt compelled to post it on his page and tag many of his family members and friends who were aware of what was going on. On Monday the 24th I googled for news again and found that someone had shared my clip with KHOU11 and they played part of it in their story, showing how much he loved his daughter, which warmed my heart. KHOU News Anchor Tiffany C updated their station’s previous story clarifying that he was murdered while picking up his daughter, NOT trying to pick a fight with “Sarah’s” new live-in boyfriend.

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