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© EP Images. Brandy Adams performing at Houston’s Improv comedy club.

Ms. Brandy “Itelljokes” Adams, as her name suggests, is a Comedienne from the Southside of Houston, TX (Dead End neighborhood) by way of Jasper, TX. Ever since she was a kid, she always found the humor in life and had a natural gift to keep those around her rolling in laughter. Inspired by Comedians Rodney Perry, Joe Clair, Comic View Comediennes Montana Taylor, Hope Flood, Ms. Laura, and Edwonda White, Brandy did her own first comedy performance at the age of 19 for her church.

The INDIEgator: Brandy, what was your first opportunity to make people laugh and how did the audience respond?

Brandy: At my Pastor and his Wife’s anniversary. I bombed! I walked up there and forgot everything, just blanked out. The Audience, oh they never said it, but it was a church so everybody was like “That’s ok baby” and “God knows your heart”.

When asked what style or genre of comedy she does, Brandy tells us she is versatile and is comfortable talking about anything. Audiences these days enjoy her stage control and say she is “likeable, sweet as pie and humble.” To that we can attest also. On stage she is motivated by the support of her Family and when we asked how her Friends felt about her comedy, she joked “Friends, what are those??” This Comedienne is also motivated by the desire to be successful and her refusal to settle for what people of the world may say.


Comedienne Brandy Adams’ feature in the April/June 2014 print edition issue of The INDIEgator Magazine.

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