Gospel Artist Shaun G’s Gift to the World


Shaun_G_3The INDIEgator: Do you have any favorite Musicians you’ve shared the stage with?

Shaun G: I don’t really have a favorite because I enjoy every moment I’m able to perform with other skillful Musicians. I love the energy and musicality that Justin Timberlake and Tye Tribbett bring to the table and would like to collaborate with them in the future.

The INDIEgator: What words of advice would you share with other aspiring Musicians?

Shaun G: Dream big, be disciplined in your craft, display good character, and obtain as much business knowledge about the industry as possible.

When we asked about his 5-10 year plan regarding his music career, Shaun mentioned having his sights on performing in New York at Madison Square Garden soon. He also said that he’s preparing to equip others with the tools necessary for them to pursue their dreams too in the music industry. As far as upcoming events and projects, more information can be found on the official website www.ShaunGmusic.com which also has links to his social media profiles as well.

The INDIEgator: If you could give the world one brief message of encouragement or inspiration…

Shaun G: Love is not just an emotion, but a decision.  I Need You…You Need Me…We Need Love!

We Need Love” is the current single off of Shaun G’s new album, What the World Needs, and can be purchased on Amazon, iTunes or Google Play. He thanks God for giving him the opportunity to share His message with the world through music. Shaun says that “This movement is bigger than you or me, it’s about spreading “LOVE” across the world.” We highly encourage everyone to connect with this fantabulous young Urban Contemporary Gospel Musician and become a part of his movement. You can find him on Facebook and Instagram under ShaunGMusic and on YouTube Vevo under ShaunG.

Thank you for allowing The INDIEgator to interview you Shaun G. With your positive messages, uplifting encouragement and praise, we know you will be blessed to continue reaching all goals and success far beyond you ever imagined. Your strong impact and legacy in the world has already begun. Now everybody go show him some love! Here is that AWESOME Live Jam Session I attended, below

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