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In October 2013, Texas Author Cynthia D. Moore had an epiphany. Her soul had just finally awakened to several realizations about her life and purpose during her journey to self-discovery. Thrilled with new understanding of the reason for everything she had experienced, Ms. Moore chose to open up and share some of these challenges and insights with the world as a gift to those still trying to figure out how they fit into society and what it means to actualize your true calling.

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Mr. Charles: Hello everyone. I’m here with Author Cynthia Moore to discuss her book Soul Say Yes. How are you doing Ms. Cynthia?

Ms. Cynthia: I’m doing fine, thank you. How are you Mr. Charles?

Mr. Charles: Well I’m just real excited to hear what you have to say about this new book of yours.

Ms. Cynthia: Ok. Well I hope you’ve had a chance to read it because it’s a very good and quick read, just a few pages. I’m so excited about it because this book has really changed my life, even in the development of it. I feel very good with the outcome of Soul Say Yes.

Mr. Charles: First of all, I want to talk about the cover of the book. It gives me a Color Purple feeling when Sealy was out there in the yard playing with her sister and Mister was over there in his chair looking through his paper. But it’s a real interesting setting. It looks like some birds are being freed out of a cage and the lady that’s under them is either seeing them on their way or… Can you explain the cover a little bit better for me Ms. Moore?

Ms. Cynthia:  Sure. Well I appreciate you recognizing the meaning behind that. I worked with Kitty Y. Williams, the Owner of The INDIEgator, to help me develop the cover. You are absolutely correct. The birds are being set free and if you notice, their color changes the farther they fly out from the cage, they become brighter and brighter as they fly into the sunrays there.

Mr. Charles: It looks like they’re flying with more and more confidence also.

Ms. Cynthia: Yes, total confidence. The lady on the picture is just someone who’s so excited that she’s free and has committed her soul to her life’s work and has surrendered herself. That’s why the title is Soul Say Yes. So what you see is a lot of exciting energy that takes place when we do set ourselves free.

Mr. Charles: What I see also Ms. Moore is before the birds go out, it looks like they’re just sitting on the cage thinking and doing a little soul searching, contemplating should they do this, should they take this journey or should they not.

Ms. Cynthia: I love that. I’m glad you see it that way because guess what? That’s exactly how we designed it to be. And that’s what happens to many of us most of the time. We know why we exist and what we are here for, but we do sit in the cage. Some stay in the cage and will not come out and some sit on the little ledge there. The gate is

open, it’s never closed tight and it’s just sitting there. As you notice another bird is up above sitting on a branch with his back turned away from the sunrays.

Mr. Charles: It looks like he jumped from the cage and instead of going toward the other birds…

Ms. Cynthia: He went on a different path, yeah.

Mr. Charles: I was going over the introduction in the front of the book and I saw something very strong, “…the Lollipops of Life…” Can you explain that for me?

Ms. Cynthia: I talk about meeting several individuals in society who were really focused on their life’s purpose and when I say “they were not distracted by the lollipops of life”, I’m referring to all the things in life that keep us from focusing on our life’s purpose. That could be anything from feeling like we need to fit in and go out and party all of the time, that’s just one small thing…

Mr. Charles: So like materialism?

Ms. Cynthia: Yes. Materialistic things and anything that makes us stuck here in this world versus just navigating through with our talents and who we really are; all of those things that make us excited about being here on earth.

Mr. Charles: So basically you’re saying, Ms. Cynthia, that it gives people a false sense of security but at the same time makes other people think that they’re not doing well enough?

Ms. Cynthia: Yes, exactly.

Mr. Charles: Ok I understand and great point. Like I said, that’s very strong. So can you tell me your journey leading up to this book?

Ms. Cynthia: Well let me say first of all, I come from a family of origin with a very strong spiritual background and it was very strict. Rules were meant to follow and there were no options about if I was going to follow them or not. Secondly, I adhered to all of that growing up until I left home. When I moved away, you know how we get with ourselves. We think we’re grown and want to do our own thing and have our own little way of thinking.

Mr. Charles: Most definitely.

Ms. Cynthia: So the further I moved away from home, the more I started ignoring those spiritual values.

Mr. Charles: That you were raised with at home?

Ms. Cynthia: Yes. I wanted to fit in man. I just thought people didn’t have a clue

about my spiritual background. It was not about being real at church and fake at home, however you say that. It was whatever my family did at church is what they did at home, from praying and all of those things that go with that whole church world. As I moved farther and farther along, I sort of put those values aside and tried to fit into the environment around me as I said earlier because the folks didn’t have a clue about that spirituality and as I initially presented with those values they looked at me like…

Mr. Charles: So then in a way you were showing them your vulnerability because you didn’t really have your roots that you grew up with as your foundation to let somebody know out there “This is me, this is who I am, this is how I was raised”?

Ms. Cynthia: I tried to express myself in such a way but the rejection was clear. The message, “You don’t fit in”, was loud and clear. That left me in a situation where I was like “Ok I’m away from my family now, but I’m out here in the adult world and people do not do what my family did.” You’re right, I was very vulnerable.

Mr. Charles: A lot of people end up hooking up with the wrong crowds, ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Things like that actually happen in many of these types of cases.

Ms. Cynthia: Well I didn’t do that. I still haven’t clubbed, no house parties, none of those types of things. For example, the church I came out of believes in prophecy, praying, fasting and concentrating (meditating). But in everyday conversations with people, no one talked about those things. Their way of coping with life was looking forward to the 5 O’Clock after hours going to the bar or Friday nights going to the club and come Monday mornings, that’s all they talked about. No one came in talking about “Whoo, the Lord really has blessed me!” or “I had a dream and here’s what the dream was.” No one talked about those types of spiritual things.

Mr. Charles: I understand; they buried those.

Ms. Cynthia: Well I don’t know if they knew about it. Their upbringing was totally different. So I was kind of stuck in a place where I had accepted most of the values from my upbringing, but there were some that I did not know how to incorporate into my adult life and didn’t really know if I needed them. As I tried to fit in, I was just there hanging out in the middle and it did not feel good at all.

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