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Mr. Charles: I feel you, I can relate.  I see Ms. Cynthia has an excellent educational background and we’re going to talk about that. First of all I see that you are a Licensed Therapist?

Ms. Cynthia: Correct. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and have worked in various areas of the mental health field for close to 15 years now, including treatment in residential and partial hospitalization settings with children and adults coping with both mental health issues and substance abuse. I have also worked with individuals in intensive outpatient settings where clients would come and participate in group therapy for weeks depending on whatever their issues were and I did the mental health side of that. I’ve been the Director of two outpatient clinics and Director of a mental health in-patient dual diagnosis unit that I opened up for one of the Psychiatrists in the area covering co-occurring substance abuse and mental health issues. I’ve worked in Utilization Management where people call about their insurance authorizations and have also done Private practice as well.

Mr. Charles: How long did it take you to do the book combining that with your busy schedule?

Ms. Cynthia: I know, I know. I worked two jobs for a while and I did complete this while working both. Now I’m not bragging about that because it was tough. In the little bit of spare time I had, even though I worked two jobs, I still was not satisfied on the inside. I just knew there was more inside of me to contribute to the world. So as these different messages would come to me, I didn’t know what to do with them. I just started writing it down, did a lot of recording it and eventually transcribed all of it over into an Excel spreadsheet

and then finally saw “Oh, there’s a book here.” I got busy with it in October 2013 and made it up in my mind that I was going to set a deadline for February 1st; so you can say three months to pull it all together.

Mr. Charles: Great! And how is everything going since you came out with the book?

Ms. Cynthia: You know what, I really want folks to read it because the exact way the message of the book came out to me is the exact way things are happening. Folks are coming forth and helping me to get Soul Say Yes marketed and on the scene, we have an Audio Version that will soon be posted on my website www.SoulSayYes.com . Everything is just falling in line and one of my spiritual values I learned as a child is that your gift will make room for you. So as I open myself up to my gifts, it is making room for me.

Mr. Charles: Well I really do appreciate you for my copy of the book. Have you met anyone face to face that’s given you feedback about your book?

Ms. Cynthia: Oh yeah! I’ve had several people to contact me and express that it’s such a good book. One of the things I kind of hesitated on as I was writing it, is I felt like people already know these things yet I felt the drive to stay on it. With all the feedback I’m getting saying that everybody can relate to it, it makes me feel good that I stayed committed to the project.

Mr. Charles:
“Defining Moments of My Soul”, Chapter Five. You’ve just got to explain it to me. Please do.

Ms. Cynthia: Well, there are seven chapters and I’ll just run through and tell you how I got there.

  • In the First Chapter, “Ode of Murky Mucky Echoes”, I talk about the messages that I had incorporated into my adult life and were not working for me, my internal self. They were really working against me and delaying me from being who I really am.
  • In Chapter Two I talked about how I had to Renew and Restore new messages from my spiritual past,
  • And where my soul came to say “Yes.” I went back again to my upbringing and tell a story about my father and his commitment to his life’s purpose and his saying “Soul Say Yes” (Chapter Three).
  • At that point my confidence started building and I talk about the “Philosophy of My Soul” (Chapter Four) and how I see us in our interactions with each other using our talents.
  • From there, with all of that, I began to have a “Defining Moment of My Soul” (Chapter Five) where it just all started coming together regarding who I am and why I am in my true existence.

Mr. Charles: Ok. It just all hit you at one point?

Ms. Cynthia: And that’s why I arrived at that title. It was so defining for me that I could not use any other word but that.

Mr. Charles: Aw man, this is just so inspiring ya’ll. Like we said, she has Soul Say Yes on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble. Check out the webpage www.SoulSayYes.com for more information. This is a very inspiring book and I’m sure we all can relate as we all go through the same endeavors. It has been a pleasure speaking with you today Ms. Cynthia.

Ms. Cynthia: Well Thank You for having me! I appreciate it.

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