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We caught up with our friend and previous feature Actor & Poet Chill to see what’s new in his world. We’re also introducing you to Actress & Model Keisha Rose (Rolls) who is in the Chicago area as well. They are both constantly on the move and living out their dreams. Currently both Artists are represented by Moore Talent Management.

Photo By Donnell Collins
Photo Credt: Donnell Collins

ACTOR and POET CANEIL “CHILL” (OLIVER) has been quite busy lately performing in several TV Shows, Stage Plays and traveling since we last featured him in The INDIEgator (Issue #1). He has continued to perform his powerful Spoken Word around the nation and has a new CD coming out in August 2014 entitled Street Gospel. In a progressive pursuit of his Acting career, Caneil also took some time out to act in the movie Madison and State. In addition, he is currently a cast member of the stage play The Black Social Network Directed by Christopher Nolen and Executive Producer Zondra Hughes (Six Brown Chicks). This experience is among his most cherished as he has always wanted to be involved in stage plays and travel outside of Chicago. Their performance in New York was covered by media outlets including BET, VH1 and MTV. Another revered accomplishment of his was doing the stage play Standing in the Shadows of Love (by Tracie Armour-Adetunji) working alongside celebrities like Actors Tommy Ford, Christopher Williams, Terisa Griffin, R&B Singer Dave Hollister, Diva Jennifer Holliday and others. Chill looks forward to acting in more Television and Film productions in the near future and you can catch him on stage as the lead character “Randy” in the play Lost in Time July 25th-July 27th, 2014. As a matter of fact, you may also catch him on a runway near you soon as he recently caught the eye of a Fashion Designer during one of his performances and has decided to give Underwear and Fashion Modeling a shot. As far as new developments on the Personal side since our last interview, he now has a very Special Woman in his life and definitely sees them heading in the direction of taking things to the next level. You can find Chill online via Facebook.

Photo by MTM (Moore Talent Management)
Photo Courtesy: Moore Talent Management

ACTRESS KEISHA ROSE got her start in modeling which then opened up the doors for her Acting career. Her first role was in a 2003 indie film which sold over a million copies, played in select theaters, had distribution including Blockbuster and more. From there she started taking acting lessons and began seriously studying her craft.

Keisha just finished up the Christian short film God Bless Us In the Ghetto (Written & Produced by Rodgerick H. Tucker, James Fisher), about a mother “Mama Jones” giving her life to Christ and trying to save her four children who are headed toward life in the streets glamorizing dope dealing and materialism. Set in the rough neighborhoods of South Side Chicago, the young mom struggles to teach her children the importance of God and Prayer in hopes that they will come around before it’s too late. This film, which wrapped in March 2014, will be played over the summer and will go to the Film Festival. Rolls is also performing in Lorie Hardy’s play, There Are No Good Men Because There Are No Good Women, which hits the stage in Naperville, IL from July 11th through July 13th, 2014. Her character is “Karen”, the bougie man-hater in a group of women she meets with at a book club every month. Word has it that by the end of the day Karen will reveal some very compromising flaws.

Keisha has also acted in the TV mini-series Madison and State (a J-Rob Production) and on Friday June 20th she’ll be on the set with Director Christopher Nolen (Four Seasons) for his new movie project 72 Hours. Keisha Rose shared with The INDIEgator that Acting truly is her dream career, her heart’s desire. You can look for her online via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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