Issue #5: The Editor’s Closing Thoughts



Hello Readers and Friends,

I decided to share some of my personal reflections regarding a few things I’ve learned and insights I’ve gained from the People and Stories featured in this Fifth issue of  The INDIEgator magazine.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned over years of interviewing aspiring Entertainers or Entrepreneurs on my shows or in my publications is to only deal with people who are truly serious about what they do and are aligned with their souls and true purpose in life. That is something Ms. Cynthia’s book Soul Say Yes reminded me of; don’t forget to get your copy (more info). Too many folks go after their dreams unprepared for all of the work, research and sacrifices that come with it and then just give up. From both Ms. Cynthia and the young teenagers Chloe and Halle, I accepted that age is no  barrier or hindrance from going after what your heart may desire at any stage in life. Every day truly is a new opportunity to go for it!

Caneil (Chill) has been a very good friend and Mentor to me for many years always giving his constant reminders to never overlook the Blessings and Progress I have made despite many of the obstacles that get thrown around to test my endurance. We shall overcome and be successful if the willpower is there. Workaholism is one of my flaws which can be dangerous as I’ve learned in terms of stress on  my health. In learning about the missions of Shaun G, Brandy Adams, Amanda Cole, WilldaBeast Adams and Mz Fee, it is clear that no matter how hard we work, we have GOT to take some time out to Love, Laugh and Dance to the beat of some Good Music every once in a while.

Keisha Rose is an example of how much you glow and how Beautiful you are when you do what you love. Reese, I cry over his violent unexpected passing often. It taught me to LIVE. Be an inspiration to as many people I can touch as possible while I still have the time and opportunity to do so. He taught me that not everyone is your friend and even your known enemies can still surprise you and literally stab you in the back 🙁 So always keep your eyes open for all of the snakes intruding on the journey that your soul is taking. Speaking of souls and that interview Mr. Charles did… Charlie is my Best Friend Forever and reminds me daily to know my worth, never underestimate my value and be the best Kitty Williams I can be. I hope ya’ll don’t mind my sharing all of this with you. Were you inspired by any of these articles today? If so, hit me up.


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