• Filmmaker DeWayne Etheridge on Determination

    By Kitty Y. Williams Originally from Washington, D.C., independent Filmmaker DeWayne Etheridge currently resides in Charlotte, N.C. where he is living out his dreams of Writing, Directing and Producing several independent movies. His journey in filmmaking began after he graduated from high school in 1999 and reached a crossroads in trying to determine what do with his life. “I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do career wise after finishing school, but I always loved to write stories and watch movies when I was younger. I decided initially to become a music video Director but that was short lived.” Etheridge then made the decision to take his love of writing stories and movies into a career and enrolled in classes at a local cable access channel called CTV in 2002. While there, he learned the rules of basic camera movements, lighting, editing and sound. In addition, he took what he learned about the proper format of Screenplay writing and began writing his own for a

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  • An Intimate Interview with Karma

    By Kitty Y. Williams The first time I met the lovely Karma aka The Diva of Hip Hop Blues, I was sitting off to myself observing the scene at the 2012 RedZone Ultimate Music Fest and Awards put on by Fiyaworks Entertainment and friends. There to accept an award along with several other movers and shakers in the independent music scene here in Houston, I remember this very pretty slender lady in pink who came and sat next to me, striking up a conversation out of the blue. I can’t recall everything we discussed but remembered her having a very humble presence and beauty that stood out in the crowded room. Karma was performing that night and unfortunately I ended up missing it due to additional obligations that evening. Upon later discovering that she was the Headliner at Cole’s of Houston for a Valentine’s Day event the following year, my sweetheart and I made a point to go see her LIVE. It’s always refreshing to see a beautiful woman holding it down across multiple genres

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  • Soul”n”Roll King “SoulGreg Artist” of Slovenia

    Producer. Songwriter. Vocalist. He even mixes his own music. Multi-talented Slovenian musician SoulGreg Artist is a refreshing taste of Quality music. He sings in English as well as his native language, he plays guitar and is Uber sexy while doing it! Everyone can see why it’s not hard to become entranced when he gets on the microphone. With SoulGreg’s great mix of different genres (including Rock, Pop, R&B/Soul…), there is certainly something in his portfolio to suit the diverse tastes of his audiences. Online you’ll find a lovely variety of songs about love, encouragement, or just having a good time. If you loved the 80s as we do, you will feel taken back in time to the good old days when music felt original. While we know some of you are still trying to figure out where in the world Slovenia is, what you need to do is travel over to SoulGreg Artist’s website to learn more about him and see why he truly is a legend on his way. Visit www.SoulGregArtist.com to book him

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