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Producer. Songwriter. Vocalist. He even mixes his own music. Multi-talented Slovenian musician SoulGreg Artist is a refreshing taste of Quality music. He sings in English as well as his native language, he plays guitar and is Uber sexy while doing it! Everyone can see why it’s not hard to become entranced when he gets on the microphone. With SoulGreg’s great mix of different genres (including Rock, Pop, R&B/Soul…), there is certainly something in his portfolio to suit the diverse tastes of his audiences. Online you’ll find a lovely variety of songs about love, encouragement, or just having a good time. If you loved the 80s as we do, you will feel taken back in time to the good old days when music felt original. While we know some of you are still trying to figure out where in the world Slovenia is, what you need to do is travel over to SoulGreg Artist’s website to learn more about him and see why he truly is a legend on his way. Visit to book him in the U.S. and Follow him on Twitter @SoulGregArtist.

“…I want to spread a huge amount of love through what I do…”


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The INDIEgator: What is the meaning behind your stage name SoulGreg Artist?

SoulGreg Artist: The word “Soul” in my name holds within itself two meanings. One is linked to Soul Music which feels so close to me and also plays a big part in my sound. The second meaning is linked to my personality, because everything I do, I do it with all of my heart and soul. “Gregor” is my birth name, which in English is “Greg”. Just last year I added the name “Artist” when I became fully aware that I had always and will always be an Artist first. A true Artist is one who is connected to the emotions within and is capable of expressing himself skillfully through those feelings that bring out the Artist inside. True art is unique and distinctive from each person that lives on earth. Only a few reach the Artist within them.

The INDIEgator:  It has been said that your journey in music first began at only 5 years old, which was the first time you saw a Guitarist on television. Yet in reality, Music is also in your DNA, from both your Mother and your Father’s side. Did you ever listen to your father’s gospel band New Swing Quartet growing up?

SoulGreg Artist: When I was growing up I was only interested in the guitar and I loved rock music. In my late teen years I had a better understanding of their music and listened to it many times.

The INDIEgator: Did any of their style influence the type of Music you create today?

SoulGreg Artist: They performed famous gospel songs which they arranged. My connection to music is a bit different. I research music, always deepening myself into its core as I want to understand its essence. While I respect them, their interpretations did not have an impact on my sound as it is today.

The INDIEgator: When you first began in Music school and had a little bit of a rough start, do you feel that your parents’ insistence that you complete your formal music education contributed to your journey as an Artist?

SoulGreg Artist: Yes of course. It is clear to me even more so today how important music education is. School gives you capacity, persistence and sustainability. The knowledge contributes its own content of giving an Artist more ways, different ways of expressing oneself. Schooling also helps you understand the technical side of music and gain better insight into how things work behind the scenes. But education does not make an Artist. It alone does not create art nor does knowledge produce creativity. How a person views life, deals with life, expresses life… how a person is as an individual… these are the terms and preconditions that can reveal the Artist within one self.

The journey depends on if a person is willing to be an Artist as a lifetime career or just a worker and a follower for someone else. Every person has a different path and both choices are ok. It just depends which path is meant for them. Creativity is a process of the consequence, the reaction, the action.

Art is the making of the person’s state of mind and spirit. Art itself is a state of mind and spirit and is always unique.

I strongly feel that if someone wishes to be creative, it is crucial that after he matures on the technical side, he then must mature as a person because personal growth is the precondition of creativity. I believe one must reach the essence of his own state of mind and spirit in order to become the Artist within.

The INDIEgator: As a student of the Jazz Academy at the University of Music and Performing Art in Graz, Austria you came across the Soul and R&B section in the library and heard a Brian McKnight Album. What was it about this genre that grabbed at your soul?

SoulGreg Artist: There were a lot of factors in this genre that grabbed me such as the interpretations, the production, the choice of the sound that this genre has, the musical vibration overall, the musical precision, the vocal arrangements, its depth, its tenderness, the stories which were told through the songs, the great feeling of rhythm and the melodic sound.

The INDIEgator: Wow! That was deep there. It sounds like this music truly touched your inner Artist. How common is it in Slovenia for local Musicians to perform this style of music?

SoulGreg Artist: It is actually very, very rare in Slovenia. This style is foreign to Slovene culture. It has no influence or impact on the music industry in our country.  (Read More Below) 

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