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The INDIEgator: Do you have a favorite song from that release and if so what makes it extra special to you?

Itz Karma: Yes, “The Life”!!!  This one is special because it is my life. Burned bridges, in and out of church, but learning lessons to live so high are some of the things that are expressed in this song. It’s also something you can ride to.

The INDIEgator: Tell us about your most favorite live performance ever (so far) and the energy you received from the audience.

Itz Karma: Fayetteville, NC… Oh my God, it was so packed in that club. Security had to get a dude off the stage. Shouts out to my NC family too!

The INDIEgator: Wow that was an interesting experience. Speaking of which, how often do your own real life experiences play out in your lyrics?

Itz Karma: Every time I write, it’s real life. I want my audience to feel what I’m saying.

The INDIEgator: I think we definitely do. Mission accomplished girl. When I last saw you perform, I noticed your Publicist Jennifer N. Simpson was there showing love. How did you meet her?

Itz Karma: It was over 3 years ago when I moved back to Texas. I had to pick up and start all over with my music… God’s plan. I had been all over Houston doing open mic after open mic and fell off into Mr. A’s on a Monday night. I performed one of my songs called “Come Holla @ Me.”  After I got off stage, Jennifer gave me her card. Some time after that, she contacted me to do a radio interview on a show with her and Fiya the Media Mogul. It was a year later, we hooked up and through God’s grace we are making history!

The INDIEgator: Do you think there is a primary ingredient that keeps your team strong?

Itz Karma: Our primary ingredient is prayer, positive energy, and support! We have a great and powerful team. Some days I’m flying one way and Jennifer is flying another. It feels good because we are traveling and focusing on the same common goals!

The INDIEgator: It’s always a blessing to work with people on the same page with your vision. Do you have any upcoming albums or performances for 2015 that you want to mention?

Itz Karma: My EP Bold and Beautiful will be released on Christmas Eve 2014, so I will be touring and promoting the singles from that. My tour schedule will be announced in January 2015!

The INDIEgator: Thank you for the heads up and congratulations! Not to change the mood, but with success came some pitfalls along the way. What has been your biggest challenge as a Musician in the Houston area and how did you overcome it?

Itz Karma: My biggest challenge was that I haven’t been in the area, so I had to start from scratch. I hit every spot I could so that they could see Karma and I could see them. Houston has shown me plenty of love.  

The INDIEgator: What role has your family played in your success so far?

Itz Karma: My family is the bomb! Everyone says we need our own reality show; we are a house full of women. My daughters are amazingly supportive, my mom…that’s my “Ride or Die Chick” right there, my brother…he is in Kuwait (Army) and is always giving me advice and checking on me. I receive so much support from our community. They see me in the grocery store and wish me luck, give me hugs and give me stories of inspiration…

The INDIEgator: That is Beautiful. Karma if you had the chance to work with any 3 celebrity Artists, who would you love to perform or record with and why?

Itz Karma: Jamie Foxx… I want to do a sexy song with him. Then there’s Anthony Hamilton… We would kill an R&B/Soul Song. August Alsina… So I can let my inner thug out, lol.

The INDIEgator: Where do you see you on your music journey in the next 5 years?

Itz Karma: Next five years… 2 hit albums and still on tour!

The INDIEgator: We believe in you and know your team will make that happen! Aside from singing, do you have any other special talents or abilities that you regularly tap into?

Itz Karma: I love to write. I’m a Writer first, which leads me to my Spoken Word and Acting. I am also a competitive Athlete at heart. I really love running.

The INDIEgator: Running straight to the Grammys right!? Karma, what is your personal motto for success?

Itz Karma: God first. There is no other way to become successful!

The INDIEgator: Do you have any words of inspiration or knowledge for other aspiring Artists?

Itz Karma: Yes. The music game is constantly changing and right now it’s all about Social Media. I would advise aspiring Artists to make sure they are seen and heard though all available social sites. You must invest in yourself. You are your product!  Brand yourself!

The INDIEgator: Great advice! We do have to keep up with the times to stay relevant. What would you say makes you unique from other Musicians?

Itz Karma: I think one of the things that sets me aside from others is that I’m seasoned. I truly believe it’s not what you do or what you say, but how you do and say it. I leave it on the stage. I am a Performer and my goal is to touch at least one person in the most positive way every time I open my mouth.

The INDIEgator: Thank you so much for this interview Karma. We love you!

Itz Karma: I want to thank you Ms. Kitty for always supporting me. I pray nothing but success for you always!  Big hugs and love!

Be sure to Follow Karma on Twitter.  For Booking, visit her  Website.

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