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DeWayne: When casting Actors for a film I look for passion, dependability, and a positive attitude. I don’t want to deal with any Divas on set. I look for people that really take the craft of acting seriously. I also look for Actors that follow directions well. If I ask them to do something then there’s a reason why. I hate when Actors feel as though they are going to do things their own way no matter what the Director says. Any serious Actors looking to get their name out there can hit me up on the DeWayne Etheridge Studios Facebook page or Email

The INDIEgator: Do you have any upcoming film releases or casting calls for 2015 that we should know about?

DeWayne: I just released my second film The Dead Don’t Die as previously mentioned in November of 2014 on DVD. I am currently in pre-production for another Horror film tentatively titled Slumber Party Slaughter Party. Production on that film will take place in February 2015. I will be filming an Erotic Drama entitled Trading Partners in April 2015.  I also have an Action short film entitled Deadly Situation. Lastly I am currently casting for a web series that I will be doing some time later. This year is going to be a busy year for me filming wise.

The INDIEgator: What is your favorite genre of movie to direct or produce?

DeWayne: My favorite genre of movie to produce and direct is Horror. My first two feature films were both horror films. There’s something about making horror films that I truly enjoy. I like dealing with the fake blood, directing Actors on being scared and doing death scenes. I know that sounds crazy but I enjoy all of those things.

The INDIEgator: Do you have any plans on collaborating with any specific Actors, Writers or Directors?

DeWayne: I plan on collaborating with several in the near future actually. I will be co-directing Trading Partners with a Director friend of mine named Brian Jones Jr. (Unruly Kingdom LLC). He was an Actor in The Dead Don’t Die. I also plan on doing some projects with Micah Lorick (Lorent Productions); he’s another Writer, Producer and Director. Check them out because they have some great projects coming soon. They’re both on Facebook.

The INDIEgator: What would you say makes you unique from other Filmmakers, Mr. Etheridge?

DeWayne: I would say my vision makes me unique. I make different kinds of movies that most people don’t; I truly love movies of all genres. Quentin Tarantino films take place in Quentin’s Universe as I’ve heard him say, and DeWayne Etheridge films take place in DeWayne’s Universe.


The INDIEgator: Do you have any thoughts about being a Black Filmmaker in the industry?

DeWayne: Being a Black Filmmaker in this industry is interesting. I feel as though most Black Filmmakers are associated with making Hood Movies or Comedies. There’s nothing wrong with either genre but I want to be known for making all kinds of films. I plan on making more Horror movies, Action, Martial Arts, Comedy, Drama, and even Science Fiction films. I don’t want to be pigeonholed in the film industry which can happen very easily. I definitely don’t want to be labeled as a “Black Filmmaker”… I just want to be known as a Filmmaker period!

The INDIEgator: Do you think there is a primary ingredient that keeps your team strong?

DeWayne: The primary ingredient that keeps my production team strong is the fact that they are as passionate about Filmmaking as I am. I’m currently in the process of rebuilding my production team. I have two people that have been with me since I shot House of Terror, and they are Charee Pittman and JT Talbert. They were both Actors in it and were invaluable on The Dead Don’t Die. Charee was an Actress in that film as well as the Casting Director; JT was an Actor in the film and also served as the Production Manager.

The latter is a zombie film set in 1985 and it had a much larger cast than 

House of Terror. Whenever I would get overwhelmed with things on set JT would come and take control. There were a lot of people that helped out behind the scenes also. Too many to name right now but they know who they are and I really appreciate their contributions. A great production team is essential in making a great film. I can’t do everything by myself.

The INDIEgator: I definitely feel you on that note. It takes a dedicated team to make this stuff happen. Where do you see yourself on this professional journey in the next 5 years?

DeWayne: In the next five years I see myself having at least twenty or more feature films completed. I envision working on bigger budget sets and with big name Actors. I see DeWayne Etheridge Studios becoming a big name in the film industry. I also plan on creating my own comic book company, independent professional wrestling promotion and my own television network along with my independent record label called Black Royalty Records.

The INDIEgator: Aside from making movies, do you have any other special talents or abilities that you regularly tap into?

DeWayne: I do music as well. I don’t consider myself a Rapper at all but I do rap on songs. It’s a lot of fun to be in the studio recording music.

The INDIEgator: DeWayne, what is your personal motto for success?

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