Filmmaker DeWayne Etheridge on Determination


DeWayne: My personal motto for success is stay focused on and passionate about what ever career you choose. Hard work and dedication pays off in the end.

The INDIEgator: Do you have any words of inspiration or knowledge for other aspiring Filmmakers?

DeWayne: The inspiration I can give aspiring Filmmakers is to go out there and make your film no matter what. If you can’t go to film school then buy as many books on filmmaking as you possibly can. Study every aspect of Filmmaking, from scriptwriting to post production. Learn all of the film terminology. You can even look on the internet and find a lot of information and tutorials about scriptwriting, lighting a scene, acting, producing, and directing. I also think it’s important to watch a lot of movies and study them. Watch your favorite films and write down what you like about them, what you don’t like about them, and what you would have done differently if

you had directed that particular film. If you really want to become a Filmmaker then write a script, find some Actors, and grab any camera that you can get your hands on to make your movie. Write a script with a very small cast and center it around locations that you know you have access to. I think it’s good to start making short films first even though I didn’t do that. But don’t ever get discouraged and never let anyone talk you out of pursuing your dream of becoming a Filmmaker.

The INDIEgator: What is your main website where people can learn more about you and your future projects?

DeWayne: You can keep track of me and my films at DeWayne Etheridge Studios on Facebook, the House of Terror page on Facebook, and The Dead Don’t Die Movie page on Facebook. On the official company website you can check out trailers for my films and on YouTube as well, just type in DeWayne Etheridge Studios and the trailers for

all of the films and short films that I’ve done will pop up.  House of Terror and The Dead Don’t Die are available now on DVD; hit me up on one of those sites for information on how to order these films.

The INDIEgator: Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us today DeWayne. You have a beautiful story and determination about you that I believe our movie loving readers and other independent business owners can relate to and respect. Despite all ups and downs, we just have to keep going and never give up; even if it means putting in our last pennies. I get that. I totally do that too.

DeWayne: I want to thank you for conducting this interview with me. I also want to give a shout out to all of my immediate family members that support my Filmmaking career and my children Kiara and Kristian. Daddy loves you!

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