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Music producer, Kenny Williams

by Kitty Y. Williams
I want to tell you a story. Once upon a time in a small military town somewhere in the state of Kansas, there was a girl named Kitty. She had three rambunctious little brothers who were always messing up her room, ripping the heads off her beloved Barbie dolls, or stealing the spotlight from her during community Piano recitals hosted by their mother, the Teacher. Though Kitty was sometimes amused as her little brother Kenny would interrupt her while performing Classical Beethoven music for the audiences, just so he could show them that he knew how to play the theme song from the movie “Jaws”, she never imagined that one day he would turn that goofy passion into a serious career. After all, she was supposed to be the “Star”….

Over the past decade our roles have changed and I’ve spent a lot of time promoting hundreds of Musicians, Entertainers and Entrepreneurs through my different media projects. To be quite honest with you, none of it would have ever happened if I were not inspired initially by the love of my first brother’s skill in music. In 2003 he joined the United States Air Force pretty much right out of high school. Years later he came home to Houston from Italy, popped a CD in the music player and my life changed forever.

From that point on, all I knew is that somebody needed to hear this man and other amazing underground Artists like him. That’s how my company started. Now I want to share a piece of my heart and formerly introduce you to my brother, Veteran and Los Angeles based Music Producer, Kenny Dubb. He is also the Co-Founder of Outta Step Music, LLC.

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The INDIEgator:
Kenny, aside from taking over your big sister’s recitals as a kid, how did you get into Music Production in the first place?

Kenny Dubb: I got into Producing by accident actually. When I was 12 or 13 years old I would write computer programs and games. Eventually I wanted to make music for them. After a while I was just more interested in beat making.

The INDIEgator: In your adult years you used to do a lot of performing as a Hip Hop Artist under a different name and are very talented with your lyrical flow. But now it seems that you prefer producing music primarily.

Kenny Dubb: For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been much happier in the studio than on a stage. I’m in the business to get paid to do what I love, not necessarily to be famous; I’m not a very public person. After we do a show, I only stay in the venue long enough to handle any new business. After that I’m back in the lab or at home watching a gangster movie.

One time in Japan, Game actually sung one of my hooks on stage with the group I produced it for. I wasn’t even there, I was in the studio. Later that night they called me and I was able to kick it with the whole Black Wall Street crew. Good times.

The INDIEgator: More recently, you competed in two iStandard Producer Showcases in Los Angeles and New York. What was that experience like for you and how did you place?

Kenny Dubb: The showcases are dope because they are a big outlet for up and coming Producers. Very prominent Producers have come through them so it’s good management to be under. You have to pay to be a part of the contests but it gets you industry exposure and allows you to play your beats on stage in an incredible avenue. I earned 2nd place out of 20 Producers while here in L.A., beating out groups as well. That was an awesome accomplishment considering I don’t produce in a team at the moment.

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