ABCs of Relationships: Emotional Survival Games – Book Review


ABCs of Relationships: Emotional Survival Games

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Book Review by Kitty Y. Williams

As an Editor by profession, occasionally I take on Special Projects that I feel will hopefully the world in some way. In early 2014, I was commissioned to edit and redesign a few projects for the owner of Inner Harmony Books, Cynthia Moore. Her first release came in the 1st quarter of that year entitled Soul Say Yes (about living your existence). I enjoyed that book because I am a Businesswoman and believe in independence and the freedom to live my purpose without boundaries. When it came time to edit the second edition of her 2006 book ABCs of Relationships: Emotional Survival Games, I ended up signing up for more than I had anticipated. And it was worth it. In both publications, the Author utilized stories from her own journey in life as well as the coping skills and training she gained as a Licensed Therapist to really break things down for the common person like myself. I was able to reflect, laugh and learn so much about myself and similar bad choices I’d made time and time again; whether I had settled into working jobs that did not satisfy me because I knew I had a higher calling, or having allowed myself to stay stuck in toxic relationships in the past

because I preferred being miserable over being alone… Even though I’ve learned a lot about myself through several experiences and consequences in life and relationships, the way Cynthia explains things in these books allows you to really open up and have honest conversations with yourself. Through that inner dialogue, readers will often discover the answers to questions they’ve long had about what went wrong and many will finally find the courage to forgive themselves and stop feeling guilty for every little mistake. After all, we’re human. Though again, being in her profession, the Author makes sure to share some valuable skills, stories and insight into possibly repairing the way we do things, in respect to our reason for being and the people we choose to love. The workbook at the end of this book is absolutely helpful. The main message that I took from each of Cynthia’s releases is to love myself and to be open to the bigger picture of life. I highly recommend them both. I was only paid to edit the books, but the value that I gained from them is truly priceless. My personal book review was not compensated in any way. Get a copy. For real, for real.

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