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MaLissa Alexander (far left) was born in Houston, TX and is a very humble proud parent of three school aged boys. She’s had a passion for writing since the age of 11. Her dream is to see her stories brought to life on the big screen. Using the knowledge she’s developed over the years, including hands on trial, error and God given talent, MaLissa established RGG Media Group. With this movement, she hopes to not only live her dreams, but to allow others the chance to live theirs as well; one film at a time. The INDIEgator wanted to know more about her company’s mission and the following are her responses to our interview.

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by MaLissa Alexander

What inspired me to begin writing at such a young age was my English Teacher Ms. Wolfskill at Fondren Middle School.  When she introduced writing to me, it changed my life. For the first time I was actually good at something and in the same blessing it gave me the feeling of freedom. I discovered that through writing you can release and create; it became my outlet as well as my escape from life. It was a place where I could go inside myself and be whomever, whatever or wherever.

I really don’t have a specific type of film genre as I write from within, so there are many different layers. I plan to express my truths or perspectives through all of my projects. I’m from an urban, poverty stricken background and therefore have written a few movies based on what I’ve seen, heard or have personally been through. In essence, they will include Comedy, Love, Action and Drama; it just depends on the topic.

RGG Media (Real Go Gettaz) is designed to make a positive change and create positive opportunities for individuals from similar situations and backgrounds as myself. 

 I want to create an avenue for them to display their talents and skills, while creating extraordinary films anyone can relate to in one way or another. We have been able to give hope and be examples for our communities.

The real reason I want to help others is because it’s a calling God has placed on me. I have lived a hard life and know that the only way to create change is through giving opportunity. I would like to be able to help those who want to better themselves, no matter what or where they come from.

My biggest inspirations in filmmaking have been Shonda Rhimes, Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry. As minorities they have stayed humble and true to themselves and were still able to create great films, excelling in their careers. It’s people like them that give people like me hope; I feel God uses them to motivate us to remember the rewards of obedience. I don’t believe they got to where they are solely by chance; it was only by God’s will.

In regards to my own work, I have started my second production project which is an Urban film entitled The Struggle. As of now it’s not complete but I am really excited about it and


expect it to do wonderful things. I plan to face every obstacle thrown my way head on and continue to work hard, putting forth my best efforts. I believe in the power of prayer and trust that no weapon formed against me shall prosper, so I am now as motivated today as I was at age eleven. I know that what God has for me is mine and am so excited to see what he has waiting in the future.

I would like to Thank Everyone who has supported and believed in me thus far. My Team… Big Ron DaDon, Nikko The Great, Brick, Texx (RIOCI) Ms. Kenya SuchafnLady, Al D and DJ Gold (SUC), O.G Point Blank, Cal Wayne, Scrappy, Truestory (Mr. Rychh) and all my friends and family who continue to show their support.

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