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Joshua Ledet
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Let’s see, how do I sum this up in one paragraph or less? #Emotional #Breathtaking #Chills #Chills #Chills.

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by Kitty Y. Williams

Seriously, as I worked on the final pages of The INDIEgator‘s 6th issue, I sat there listening and rocking out to music on Joshua’s SoundCloud page for hours wondering “Why do I have chills, again?” Every single time. See, I finally gave in and let my mom become friends with me on Facebook. Not one regret. One night she shared a YouTube video of Joshua Ledet performing Percy Sledge’s hit “When A Man Loves A Woman” at the White House in 2013. Ooh my! The passion in his eyes, in his movements, the emotion in that VOICE! I threw my panties at the screen. Then I left, came back and did it again. Don’t judge me. Don’t act like I was the only one. Forgive me Lord. God Bless Joshua and his success. I stopped watching American Idol after the 1st season over a decade ago when I was in college, only because I knew how addicting it was going to be for me and how completely devastated I would be if I would ever miss a single episode. I did not get to see Joshua on his season of the show while it aired, only online a few years after the fact. I feel cheated.  

Even though 3rd place is not a loss, how he did not win that competition completely is beyond me. He was the TRUE winner, hands down! Though based on the footage I saw, he seemed more like a Special Guest  Celebrity Performer than a contestant. Irregardless, this Artist has won a #TrueFan in me today and I predict that he will be on the cover of one of our future magazines. I also heard Joshua Ledet has an album in the works right now. OKAY!!!! I want my copy autographed. This man is truly a legend who has certainly left his imprint on history already and he’s just getting started. Raise your hand if you want this guy in full concert at your wedding? <— I pray Mr. Ledet never lets anyone distract him from his undeniable Gift. Listening to him is like time travel. You know what I mean? Regular people like us need the hope and magic that just watching someone with a talent like his can provide. A condensed version of This Review and more are available in our January 2015 issue of The INDIEgator here 

Here’s the video that caught my panties below. (Just kidding, but watch this anyway)

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