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Mani Hoffman

Singer Mani HoffmanCredits:  Georges Baird

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by Kitty Y. Williams

Oh, oh, oh! Whoo! I’m sorry but excuse me while I catch my breath. I’m sure you’ve seen the video. It’s been going crazy all over social media since right before the New Year; and I mean literally right on time. French Singer, Songwriter and Producer Mani Hoffman shared a video of himself covering Sam Cooke‘s song “A Change is Gonna Come”. Was I the only one who clutched my chest within 3 seconds of him starting to sing? Ok okay, maybe I need to get that checked out. But my ears work just fine and even the baby was blown away by the depth and emotion in Mani’s powerful voice! Ooh Honey! His raw talent is amazing and I find it so beautiful that he included his baby in the making of this video. And did you see how this true performer did not

even miss a beat when his other daughter came in the room and started begging for Daddy’s attention too, while he was still singing? Adorable! According to sources, this man is no newbie to the industry and has been doing his thing for years in Singing, Producing and even Scoring some movies (source: Wikipedia). Recently one of his songs “Big Shots” was even featured in a Heineken commercial for the holidays. Hey, I just want my album copy like yesterday. #NewFan!  Congratulations on all of your continued Success and Happy New Year Mani Hoffman! When you get on the Ellen show by the way, give us a Shout out, lol. You can read the condensed version of this Review and more in our January 2015 issue of The INDIEgator  here.

Here’s the video that caught my attention below:

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