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that I wanted to sing. I just knew that I loved music!

The INDIEgator: Now that you actually love your natural talent, how would you describe your own music genre today?

Amanda Cole: Genres to me are boxes that inhibit creativity. But if I had to choose, I would say mainstream 🙂

The INDIEgator: Has your chosen style presented any challenges when you write, perform or cover songs in terms of perceptions and feedback from others? If so, what helped you overcome that?

Amanda Cole: In my experience, I’ve always been expected to, or the perception has been that I should sing R&B music and unfortunately many Black female Artists believe that too. I think we gravitate towards the things that make us feel most comfortable and I just feel like Black Artists are more leery of artistically exploring other types of music, unlike other groups. I believe those limitations keep us in a perpetual state of stagnant creativity and experience.

But no, I have not received any backlash or judgment. People find it refreshing when they actually see me singing the songs I choose. It translates into a possibility for them that was not envisioned before because I’m sure there are lots of little Black girls who don’t want to sing R&B music and just don’t feel that singing any other way is possible because they don’t see it. I want to give them the visual of something different, a visual of different possibilities as an Artist.

The INDIEgator: You have released numerous amazing and breathtaking covers on YouTube, which is how we got in touch. Your talent is just not something we see every day. It’s nearly impossible for me to pick just one favorite. What made you decide to start

sharing your voice with us through that channel and how have online audiences responded to you?

Amanda Cole: I really wanted to find a way to share my talent without having to conform to an industry standard or someone’s opinion of what and how I should record. YouTube is the perfect platform to explore how my choice in music would translate to a diverse audience. In the past, I had been talked out of singing certain songs that I really felt were fantastic, because they were not considered the right “type” for me. YouTube gave me the freedom to explore and ultimately discover who I truly wanted to be as an Artist and how that choice would be received by people I did not know. So far, so good!

The INDIEgator: Yes and anyone watching and reading the comments on each video can see how loving and supporting your fans from around the world are. They Always want more and hang on waiting for your next release. Let’s not forget, long before YouTube, you were on stage performing as one of the members in R&B super group En Vogue for a few years. How did it feel to be an independent Artist given a chance like that at the time and did you learn anything about yourself from that stage of your journey?

Amanda Cole: That experience was perfect for me in ways that were personal as well as artistic. Music behind the scenes is predominately male driven. When I was asked to join En Vogue, I considered myself a Songwriter. I had produced and written a number of songs before and felt very confident behind the microphone, but also behind the sound board with Vocal Production, Writing and Melody Arrangement. Those aspects of my talent were not deemed necessary in that particular situation, unfortunately, because their Producers were so  

amazing. I just really felt limited as an Artist vocally, creatively and felt that being in a group setting was not what I was meant to do.

After I left, I took a very, very long hiatus to really discover who I wanted to be as an Artist and to cultivate the courage to be myself without apologies. Being a part of En Vogue helped me to accept the fact that not only was I different vocally, but I felt my purpose was different and it helped me to embrace that difference instead of trying to camouflage or deny it. That is why I’m so grateful to have taken part in that adventure.

The INDIEgator: Growing into a solo Artist after being a part of a group I’m sure comes with its challenges. What advice would you give to other Musicians who are currently in groups and considering a solo career?

Amanda Cole: Honestly, if you consider yourself a strong Vocalist, being in a group is going to be difficult especially if it starts to get a lot of attention because of your vocal ability. My suggestion to anyone currently in a group considering going solo, is that if you’re even considering it, that’s letting you know that continuing in a group is probably not the best idea for you.

Singers who innately know that eventually they want to be more independent, tend to stay a little longer than they should out of obligation and inevitably the group splinters and then there are bad feelings and other ego driven nonsense. Just leave while you guys are still friends…but understand that being on the stage alone takes another level of confidence and charisma for which you have to be prepared.

The INDIEgator: Since becoming a solo Artist, you have signed with Christopher Starr’s CSP Music Group.

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