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In this interview with The INDIEgator, our film crew caught up with Mr. CAP of Houston’s legendary Hip Hop movement South Park Coalition (SPC) at First Colony Mall in the Houston suburb of Sugar Land, TX. He agreed to speak with us and shared his roots in music, who he is as an Artist today and some observations he’s gained about the music scene around the world and locally during his performances. Host and Editor Kitty Y. Williams asked the deep questions and ended the first segment with her hopes for the Houston urban music scene in the future. You can find both segments of this in-depth interview in this article online, in our upcoming April 2015 print edition, as well as YouTube: INDIEgator News

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by Kitty Y. Williams

The INDIEgator: Let’s start with the new Word of the day: #CAPISM What is that exactly?

Mr. Cap: Well… #CAPISM describes confidence, and the “ism” part of it, just means Everything is everything; No complications, everything is simple. Anything can be an “ism”. It can be a “Kitty-ism”, “INDIEgator-ism”… So that’s where the “ism” comes from. I try to encourage everybody to have their own “ism” going on you know? Let it be about YOU. Put the ISM on it and make it universal. I just made that up by the way.

The INDIEgator: (Laughs) No problem I like that; that sounds good to me. Hey, for those that may not know, please tell us more about who is Mr. CAP?

Mr. Cap: Ok. Mr. CAP is an American Artist from South Park (Houston). I’m one of the original members of the South Park Coalition and I come from a long line of Musicians. I was born and raised in this Music business so music is in me. That’s who Mr. CAP is. I’m all about Music. My Mom and Dad are Musicians so that means I’m getting it from both sides of my family.

Then their parents and brothers and sisters on their sides are also Musicians, all the way up to where we have a couple of celebrities (if you want to call it that) in my family; for example, Johnny “Guitar” Watson and “The Greer Brothers”. Like I said, I was born into the Music business and the lineage of that history in my family goes back at least 60-70 years.

The INDIEgator: Wow, that’s almost a century! That is deep. What was your own first performance like versus now and what did you learn from it?

Mr. Cap:  In my first performance, I was about 8 years old, for real for real. This was during the time when my Uncles’ band was still coming down from their hype back in the early, early 80s. My Uncles built a stage in the backyard of my Grandmother’s house and they charged the people in the neighborhood $2 to come and see us perform. So it was me, my Brothers, Cousins and all of my Siblings putting on a big giant show. That was my first performance. Compared to now, that’s why I go and do shows. I like to do it so much because it reminds me of that time, how much fun I had. I think that’s

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