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In the second segment of our exclusive interview with Mr. CAP, we decided to get out of the heat and have a seat inside at World of Beer over in First Colony Mall. He announced his upcoming album release, what inspired it and some of the collaborating Stars and Producers on this project. Mr. CAP then shared with us his passion for public speaking to kids in school and some of his favorite charities. We also learned how hard times in the past have kept him humble to this day.

The INDIEgator: You’ve got a new album coming out soon. Can tell us a little bit about what to expect?

Mr. Cap: Yeah. I got a new album coming out April 26th, 2015. What inspired it is trying to be able to relate to not just one lane of Hip Hop or Rap. It’s called All Ism, so I’m really trying to relate to everybody in the world. I want my music to be heard all over the world, not just here in Houston. I’m not all that interested in being a huge star in Houston, but rather being known and having my music played all over the world.

The INDIEgator: Cap International…

Mr. Cap: Exactly, so that’s where the inspiration comes from to do this particular album.

The INDIEgator: Who are some of the Producers that you’re working with?

Mr. Cap: I’m dealing with an exclusive Producer named An’One, young fellow

out of Southwest Houston or Missouri City somewhere. Man, the boy is a monster on the beats, he’s a Beast for real. I’m going to throw in some of the singles that I had already put out, like I might put “CAP International” on there, I might put “I’m Bout to Blow” and a couple of others. But, everything else is brand new, exclusively Produced by my man An’One.

The INDIEgator: So you said that’s April 26th?

Mr. Cap: Yeah, April 26th coming up. I’m gonna start running ads on the local radio stations here and a few other cities and states around the country so ya’ll look out for that.

The INDIEgator: You’ve been doing a lot of interviews and stuff, like at 93.7?

Mr. Cap: No, I haven’t had an actual interview at 93.7…

The INDIEgator: Oh, oops! We can delete that question…

Mr. Cap: No, no, it’s cool. I didn’t have an actual interview but they have been spinning one of my tracks on the ‘Chop Not Slop Show’ with OG Ron C and the Chopstars, so that’s love. You know we need all the exposure we can get out here in Houston. Accompanied with that local exposure in Houston, I’ve been getting some spins in Detroit, Chicago, L.A., Atlanta, Florida, New York and some other places around the country with some terrestrial radio and a lot of internet radio stations. Like I said, I feel extremely blessed to be recognized and respected.

The INDIEgator: Yes, it is hard out here getting radio play and getting that recognition. So that’s a pretty cool opportunity; you’re obviously doing something right. One question I should have asked you in the beginning, is how do you describe the type of music that you do?

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