Chill Gives Birth to “Street Gospel”


Caneil Chill Oliver Gives Birth to “Street Gospel”

On February 28th 2015, Spoken Word Artist and Actor Caneil Chill Oliver gave birth to his newest album Street Gospel. I made the trip up north from Houston to visit this Entertainer in his hometown of Aurora, Illinois and watched him “Represent for the Kingdom”. Only his closest friends, family and supporters were invited to the delivery and by the end of the evening, not a soul was left untouched. In this Exclusive Interview with The INDIEgator Magazine the day after, Chill opens up about how he felt everything went and if he accomplished everything he aimed for with the event. We’ll also learn about some of the people who helped make it possible and what the future has in store for this anointed being. You can find this in-depth interview in our April 2015 paperback and download editions, as well as watch it on video via YouTube: INDIEgator News. Also check out our article “The Travel Log: Hello Chicago!” to read about how much fun we had on our trip up north, including our review about this event as well as sightseeing and delicious food from around the city. 

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by Kitty Y. Williams

The INDIEgator: Chill has been a feature in previous issues of our publication as well as a few times on Kitty Williams Live, several other Radio stations, TV shows, Magazines and Plays around the world. Chill you just had a very important event for Street Gospel.

Chill: Yes, I had a CD release party last night and loved it! I put on the best performance that I have ever done in my life. I was so overwhelmed by the energy in the room, the people that came out and every seat was filled. I’m still blown away over my performance. Half of the things that took place last night I don’t remember, the Spirit was definitely moving, God was in the building. I’m still excited about it…. A very good experience. I felt last night, like I was giving birth and I birthed a seed into the world that’s going to inspire a Nation and that’s the most exciting thing about it. God showed up and did his thing like he always does (Check out Track 7 “God Does”). I’m talking not just about the event, but from the beginning of me creating these poems and submitting my all to Him, telling God I’m going to take the backseat on this and just let him take over everything. He did that. So I’m just so excited about it and everything went good. If I could do anything over, I would keep everything the way that it was.

The INDIEgator: It was certainly an excellent performance Chill by you and your other partners on the stage! Connecting with your audience is very important. We all saw there were a lot of tears, a lot of smiles, just a lot of emotion last night. Do you remember seeing any of that and was that your intention?

Chill: No, I don’t remember seeing anything; I was in the zone last night. It wasn’t my intention to bring tears or anything like that. I was so caught up into what I was doing and really wasn’t paying it any attention. It’s all love because everybody came out, people that I have relationships with or people that I knew from a long time ago. Nothing that was said, even from my Host and good friend Anthony McDonald, made me feel nervous or embarrassed at all. Everything was perfect and just fell in place.

The INDIEgator: Oh yes, there was a lot of new information shared with your crowd of loved ones so we learned sides of you that we didn’t know as well as very touching facts, like how much you love your son. On your journey, do you feel like you do this for him?

Chill: Yes. I do this for the Kingdom, for all of my kids and I try to be an inspiration for them as well. I’m going to continue to inspire others and be an

example of how God moves and do all that I can in order to represent for the Kingdom.

The INDIEgator: Now that is just Wonderful Chill. We’re thrilled to see the impact you continue to make on the world through your works. As far as your events, can you share with us the difference between this one and your first one? Also, do you feel there is any major difference between your first album God’s Favorite and this album Street Gospel?

Chill: Well, on the first release I didn’t have any idea on what I was doing, wasn’t familiar with any of the work and didn’t know how it was going to turn out as far as poetry over music; so I just went with what I had and that was basically it. As far as that release party, it was more of an Open Mic event and it was not intimate, but again that was my first time. The event that we had last night is something I planned out, had a vision for and stuck with it. Everybody came out and supported. I had a live band this time and the energy was in the building. The difference between the first album and the second, is that I’ve grown creatively and have elevated as a Spoken Word Artist over the years. The production was also better this time around, it’s more balanced out and I’m just more excited about it!

Poet Chill and Producer Spike Rebel

The INDIEgator: Musician and Producer Spike Rebel played a huge role in collaboration for the event last night as well as in the exclusive production for Street Gospel. How did you first meet him?

Chill: I met Spike at a show we did for BET in 2011 or 2012 I believe. I wanted to perform with music behind me. He was with another Artist and I just asked him if he would play for me too. So he played the guitar behind me and everything turned out. I placed in that competition and ever since then we’ve been doing a whole lot of work together.

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