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In July 2012 we introduced our readers to independent Soul Singer Conya Doss out of Cleveland, Ohio. At the time, this ‘Queen of Indie Soul’ as named by her fans, had released her sixth album A Pocketful of Purpose. Three years later she is blessing us with her latest project VII (Seven) on May 19th, 2015. This record as well as her previous releases is available on Amazon, CD Baby, and iTunes. We caught up with Conya to see what she’s been doing the last few years, how she feels the new album speaks to the world and her big Celebrity-filled concert coming up at the end of May. With such a busy month ahead and everything else going on in her personal life, this professional still remains determined on giving you the best of her creativity and bringing her A game.

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by Kitty Y. Williams

The INDIEgator: Good Afternoon! The last time we spoke, you had just debuted A Pocketful of Purpose in 2012. What was the fan and media response like for you on that project and did it open any new doors?

Conya Doss: That album was just very well received. It extended my audience and enabled several new listeners to go back and check out some of my former material. “Don’t Change” (the first single) stayed on the charts and in heavy rotation for a very, very long time.

The INDIEgator: This time around you’re releasing VII (Seven). Was the project given that title just because it’s  your seventh album or was there also

some symbolic meaning behind it?

Conya Doss: 7 is a very powerful number. It is my life path number, my favorite number, lucky number 7… If anyone connected to the biblical aspect of it, it means “Completion”.

For me, I just feel like since 2002 with my releasing A Poem For Ms. Doss (1st album) and now my 7th album, now I have a complete body of work. That doesn’t mean that this is the end of what I’m doing but I feel like I’m going into another phase, both creatively and on a personal level.

The INDIEgator: Aside from the lyrics, do you feel there are any significant

differences between your last album and this one, in terms of your creativity or production wise?

Conya Doss: This is an extension of what I normally do. Production wise I feel the music is more up-tempo on certain songs. Lyrically it will always be different due to whatever space I’m in at the time, that’s what I write about. Also I’ve done duets on pretty much every album. This one takes me back to the beginning, once again with the whole number seven. When I first started writing, the first song that I wrote was with a long time friend Frank McComb. Now we’re doing a song called “For Us”. It was just an honor to

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