AtLas’ Explains Hieroglyphics In Crayon


-As Seen in the April 2015 issue of The INDIEgator

Shot by Rae Maxwell Make up by Felicia York (@dalipstickbandit)

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We are too excited about AtLas’ debut EP and Album releases, Pseudo Mythological Celestial MusIQ: Abstracts and Expressions and Hieroglyphics In Crayon, respectively. They both popped on the scene in late 2014 and Yessss! Hip Hop is saved. We’ve been following this Bronx, NY native since 2006 when Producer Kenny Dubb introduced us to her music through collaborative projects. AtLas’ subsequently came all the way down to Houston to put on a few shows in 2007, rocking the stage and crowds Every single time as we imagine she’s done wherever her name has headlined. After coming across a YouTube video from her September 2014 album release party up North, it was clear that she’s still got “IT” and won’t be slowing down anytime soon honey. I swear she has no blood, only Music coursing through her veins; I’m talking about the real stuff, that good stuff, the this is what real Hip Hop sounds like stuff. Also known as Polaryss’ in some circles, her lyrical flow and Freestyling skills are absolutely BANANAS! How often do you find an Independent Artist who

really knows the true meaning of being an Entertainer? I absolutely ADORE seeing this Queen LIVE and in my face! With music that tends to include a mix of crazy life experiences, tons of comedy and hilarious satire, she really gets the art form of drawing audiences into her every syllable and story. But why wouldn’t she? The Bronx is where Hip Hop all started anyway! Recently graduating from Fordham University also attests to her intelligence and dedication, not only in terms of character, but in her convictions that education is very important no matter what career path you choose. To reiterate, no matter how many millions of dollars you envision yourself possibly making by becoming a world-renowned Star one day, you better have that “supplemental plan” locked down. We originally interviewed AtLas’ in our April 2012 issue of The INDIEgator, so you can check that out online. A condensed version of this Review and more are available in the “Editor’s YouTube Picks” section of our January 2015 issue as well.

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