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Make up: Neah Ivanna, Hair Dresser @ivelisse25

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by Kitty Y. Williams

The INDIEgator: Thank you for this interview AtLas’. In 2014 you released your EP entitled Pseudo Mythological Celestial MusIQ: Abstracts and Expressions, followed shortly by your album Hieroglyphics In Crayon. What was your intention behind the EP?

AtLas’: My intention was to put out a cohesive project that reminded my supporters and the new comers that “I spit”, but also give them a preview of what was to come on the album.

The INDIEgator: Which track was your favorite and why?

AtLas’: If I have to choose a favorite, it would be “Leo Ego”.  I have taken to calling other Artists to task about their content as of late, and this song epitomizes my exact feelings on the subject.

The INDIEgator: It most certainly did; very bold move. Can you explain the super long, unique title of the EP and if there is any special meaning behind it?

AtLas’: Sure. I am a fan of Mythology, Science and the Solar System, making several metaphorical references to mythological characters; but that is not the majority of the content, hence the “Pseudo Mythological Celestial…” I chose to spell “MusIQ” with the letters “I” and “Q”, for what I hope are obvious reasons: This is music with an IQ. Finally, “Abstracts and Expressions…” describes my approach to the content.

The perfect example of a song that embodies the title of the EP is “433 Lightyears”. That is the distance between the earth and the North Star, 433.8 light years.

The INDIEgator: How are your fans responding to the Hieroglyphics In Crayon album release?

AtLas’: My fans and supporters have been very vocal about how long they’ve waited for me to release a full length project.  I get a lot of comments on the art work as well.

The INDIEgator: What inspired you the most in creating this project?

AtLas’: Life.  I was inspired by my son, my peers and by other Artists.  I think mostly though, I wanted to complete and release this music. There is a lot of music inside of me and I needed to get that out to make room on my plate for what’s next.

The INDIEgator: How did it feel to finally deliver this baby?

AtLas’: I felt relieved and was able to breathe once this project was done, yet at the same time I also felt anxious to get back to writing and recording.

The INDIEgator: AtLas’, what is the biggest message about you that you want listeners to take from this album?

AtLas’: Authenticity and Intention.  I want people to know that I genuinely care.  My goal is to help people realize their potential and own their greatness.

The INDIEgator: Where can we get our music loving hands on these releases and future ones you may be working on?


The INDIEgator: Is your group GNU still making projects and performing together?

AtLas’: GNU will always be a group but we are currently focusing on solo projects. Likwuid recently released her Likwuidity EP.  Kween Kash is working on a new project that will be ready this Spring or Summer. I’m promoting my EP, Album, and writing so I can get back in the studio.  With that said, GNU will be performing this June.

The INDIEgator: Are you still working with Hip Hop Sisters and Rhyme Like a Girl?

AtLas’: Yes ma’am, I am still affiliated with Hip Hop Sisters and Rhyme Like A Girl.  Though, I have been putting significantly more time into my endeavors with Toni Blackman and the latter.

The INDIEgator: Now that you’ve given us access to tangible forms of your unique creativity, what’s next on the check list for AtLas’ in terms of Hip Hop?

AtLas’: I have been putting a lot of focus on writing, facilitating Hip Hop workshops at middle schools and colleges, as well as working on some projects geared specifically towards the youth. I want to continue building my brand, Intentional Movement. All of my time and energy is split between raising my son and cultivating a brand that preserves the Hip Hop culture and serves the people’s best interest.

The INDIEgator: Do you want to mention anything about your recent college graduation or how your son affects your music?

AtLas’: I’m a bit modest so I don’t usually talk much about my schooling, however my Mentor has expressed that it is important for the youth to see Hip Hop Artists who take their education seriously.  My ultimate goal is to acquire a PhD in Hip Hop Anthropology. I truly want to change people’s perceptions of Hip Hop Artists and eliminate the stigma that main stream outlets have created and associated with it.

Hip Hop is not a genre of music, it is a culture, one that has changed the world. I want to make sure that those changes are always for the better.  As far as my son, he is my biggest driving force and inspires me to be a better me. I’m beyond grateful and humbled that God has entrusted this amazing human being to me, a responsibility that I do not take lightly. Motherhood forced me to dig deeper than ever before and I am loving it! He is indeed my greatest accomplishment.

The INDIEgator: Any shouts outs or words of inspiration that you want our readers to take with them after this interview?

AtLas’: I want to shout out the Educators of the world. Don’t lose your passion, you ARE necessary and appreciated.  If no one has told you lately, I’m saying it… THANK YOU! I want to extend that same shout out to our youth. You are the future.  You are loved and you are enough. Own your greatness.

The INDIEgator: AtLas’, I can’t thank you enough for giving us a moment to catch up with you. We always learn something new each time we speak and gain even more respect than before. You are definitely a Diamond in the world, on and off the stage. Never stop.

AtLas’: Kitty, Thank you so much for always showing love and support. You’ve been riding for a minute and I couldn’t ask for a doper passenger.

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