Love & Pest Control – Starring Tito and Yolanda Dunn


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Tito and Yolanda Dunn of Leave Me Bee Pest Control

Tito and Yolanda Dunn, Owners of Leave Me Bee Pest Control in Aurora, Illinois

We’ve seen it all haven’t we? Love & Basketball (one of my favorite movies)… Love & Hip HopLove and War… Well here’s a new one for you: Love & Pest Control? Ok it’s not really a movie, but I am sure there’s a script in there somewhere. If there is one thing I am totally a sucker for, it’s a true genuine love story. When that story happens to feature a Power Couple working together as Entrepreneurs to secure their future, live out their dreams AND provide an invaluable service to their community all at the same time…”Love Button!” As we mentioned previously in our interview with Spoken Word Artist Chill, during his “Street Gospel” album release event in Aurora, IL this past February, I sat at a table next to Tito and Yolanda Dunn. They are a Husband and Wife team, the Owners of Leave Me Bee Pest Control, Inc. and were the Sponsors for that event. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Even though I was only there to write a review of this special occasion, by the time the Guest of Honor finished gushing about these two Beautiful love birds seated right next to me, the room was full of emotion and I knew I had another inspiring journey to share. I wanted to learn more about their marriage and how it plays into the success of their family business.

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by Kitty Y. Williams

The Dunns met in high school while Tito was a junior and Yolanda was a freshman. They dated for about 6 months and when things didn’t work out, they chose to remain friends. As destiny would have it, the pair decided to join forces again when she was 19 and they have been together ever since. This June 2015 marks their 13th Anniversary. Romance junkies like me always want to know what it takes for couples to stay happy with each other in their relationships long-term, long after the Honeymoon phase has ended. According to Mrs. Dunn, the key for them has been keeping God first, in addition to love and communication:

“God is truly our foundation. I also still have that high school feeling from when I met Tito there. We have youthful spirits and love to date. We often travel and hang out with our kids and other family regularly. No matter how hard we work, despite all the craziness that goes on, we find time for each other.”


After high school and once their union was solidified, to support their family, Tito worked for two of the top pest control companies in their area and was always top in sales. Eventually he grew frustrated with the challenging pay scale as he was basically paying the company; to make matters worse, he did not approve of the way they treated their customers either. In response to his concerns, Yolanda inquired what he was going to do about all of this. It was then that Mr. Dunn professed that he was going to start his own pest control company and she said “Let’s do it!” One night the ambitious duo prayed in search of a name for their new business venture. After the revelation came to Tito through a dream, they started Leave Me Bee Pest Control, Inc. in 2006 and never looked back.

Mrs. Dunn explained that both partners of this team clearly understand the value in keeping up with training and education when it comes to being your own boss:

“We believe education is VERY important…

Tito has to take Continuing Education courses each year in order to renew his Technician license. I have a Master’s Degree in Business. Without the education we have, there is no way we would still be successful this long. We are always looking to stay current with pest management and growing our business each year.”


According to his supportive wife, Tito eats, sleeps, and breathes pests. He is very knowledgeable on the different pests for each season and is excellent with incorporating strategies to solve infestations and other problems; he achieves this by staying up-to-do-date on the latest issues and treatments. Yolanda on the other hand turns his passion into a legitimate business, from managing employees, to handling customer service, accounting and marketing. This sister does it all! We all know a lot of people who believe that it’s not a very good idea to mix Family with Business. Just Google the subject and you will find countless articles and blogs against it. However for these two, that has not been a challenge for them because they feel like their personalities truly offset each other. She doesn’t tell him how to kill bugs and he doesn’t tell her how to work the budget. Okay!!! (Snap, snap)

Leave Me Bee Pest Control, Inc. offers services including getting rid of general pests like bees, ants, centipedes, roaches, or box elders bugs. They also rid your home of rodents, termites, carpenter ants or bees and bedbugs. At one time they provided service for skunks but when one of their Technicians eventually got sprayed, they stopped that quickly, quite understandably. As far as service area, this Mom and Pop shop covers the western suburbs of Chicago and strives to be the best locally owned pest control company. Currently the Dunns have only one location and there are no plans to expand at the moment as there is just not enough time for one Technician to service so many houses Effectively in one day. They have personally observed that their larger competitors make a habit of taking on a lot of

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