Love & Pest Control – Starring Tito and Yolanda Dunn


customers to get their money, but then barely solve their problems.

Every business experiences setbacks from time to time. Over the last couple of years, their region has endured some rough winters which has hindered them slightly; however after the snow melts, the bugs are back to being active again. When you’re working hard doing what you love, it is always a blessing to get confirmation that you are truly appreciated, especially as an Entrepreneur:

“For us the biggest reward is that we’ve grown each year. When you Google Leave Me Bee, positive reviews are attached to our name. Our service speaks for itself through our customers. You have to know your business and do what you love so it does not feel like work.”


In addition to knowing your business, it is definitely a great idea to know your customers and for them to have the opportunity to connect with you on a higher level as well:

“We are a part of this community and being locally owned and operated, we feel it is very important to give back. We think it’s good to work with a company, know the owners and see that they are involved with local events. You will never meet the owners of the larger pest control companies that service the western suburbs of Chicago, because they live in a completely different state!”


Each year Tito and Yolanda sponsor the East/West Alumni basketball game. The proceeds from the event go to The Marie Wilkinson Daycare, which is one of the only low income day cares in their neighborhood. They also sponsor an event called the D.I.V.A Extravaganza, the acronym stands for Divine, Influential, Virtuous, and Anointed. This annual event, which normally has over 500 women in attendance, celebrates women in the community and all that they do throughout the year.

In the next 10 years, these high school sweethearts plan to expand their local office with more employees. They currently have their two year old son learning Spanish to prepare him to take over in 20 years. With so many cultures in many metropolitan areas and surrounding suburbs, we agree that is a super smart idea. In 50 years they plan to be somewhere retired and enjoying the fruits of their labor:

“Leave Me Bee Pest Control, Inc. is our baby. We have invested our finances, time, love and prayers into making it grow. We stay in faith and are thriving for continuous growth.”


The INDIEgator asked Mr. and Mrs. Dunn if they had any tips on how others can run a successful family owned business. Here’s what they each had to say:

Tito: You need a strong support system, particularly from your wife or significant other. Also, you can’t be spread too thin; focus on one business and make it grow. Most importantly, know your business.

Yolanda: It is definitely a team effort just like our marriage. We respect each other’s boundaries, strengths and weaknesses.


As a business owner myself, I understand first hand how far even just a little bit of support and respect go. So I find it Beautiful that this couple has found a way to not only love each other, but to be mature helpmates in this joint endeavor despite what the world says about these types of ventures. When it comes to their success in both marriage and business, they give the biggest shout out to their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Well it appears their formula is working so we wish them the best in everything going forward. Happy 13th Anniversary Yolanda and Tito! Thank you for sharing your journey, challenges and tips with our readers. Any other romance junkies and aspiring power couples out there are sure to learn something from your testimony.

If you read this article and are in Aurora, Illinois or the western Suburbs of Chicago, please visit the Dunns online at to learn more about their company and services, then give them a call to schedule your appointment today. Wherever you are in the world, if you enjoyed this interview, do us a favor and let them know you read their story in The INDIEgator magazine.

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