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like back before the reality of adult (worldly) relationships attempted to crush my heart beyond repair. Despite all of the new additions to my list, after turning 35 in May, “For You” is the one song that I made sure to play nearly every single night in my ear on repeat because it contained the unique words that I had always yearned for someone to say to me one day in real life and mean them. I just had no idea it would actually happen so suddenly!

The Contest
I have a love hate relationship with social media. Both of my Twitter accounts had been mostly neglected since around summer 2016. Don’t even get me started on Facebook, tuh. I’ve deactivated that thing so many times over the last three years out of frustration with the negativity of the world that seems to dwell there… I almost deactivated again recently and would have missed out on a once-in-a-lifetime kind of opportunity for me; but fortunately I listened to my spirit and waited it out. While I had been on my little 90s music therapy concert tour all year, Lattimore had been on a comeback tour of his own for the new Vulnerable album, out now. In October I noticed that he had a Facebook contest going on for his show which I had already bought a ticket to in San Antonio, TX. I travel for quality music. All we had to do was Like, Share and Comment on the post? Done, done and done baby.

In Houston I packed my bags for the weekend to head up to Dallas first for a Friday night concert by one of my other 90s favs, Jazz Musician Gerald Albright and his amazing daughter Selina, whom I had recently become a fan of after hearing one of her songs on XM Radio’s Watercolors channel. I struggled with figuring out what to wear to both events and ultimately opted for comfort due to the long drives and who would notice me anyway right? Low and behold, as soon as I checked into my hotel and put my bags down on the bed, something told me to log in and check my Facebook too. I had a message waiting letting me know I had won the contest! I absolutely could not believe it. “What? Oh my God is real! I get to personally Meet Kenny Lattimore, a unique celebrity I have crushed on for years and whose purposely positive music has touched my heart in the most deeply personal way? Are you serious?” Of course I only said all of this in my head as I ran around the room spinning in circles looking crazy, squealing with excitement and in complete shock. Can you imagine?

5-10 minutes into my little praise break, I finally calmed down enough to respond back and let them know that I got the message and would most definitely be there! I just had to get through Friday night’s event first. I must say that Gerald and Selina put on a phenomenal Daddy-Daughter show. Being a daddy’s girl myself, I was very touched by the way they worked and grooved together and enjoyed every moment of it; it was a beautiful thing. The energy was quite lovely and the crowd was super crunk, especially with the Electric Slide break at the end. You know, I had no idea that Gerald and Kenny were friends and that he even did a solo feature in a song on this new Vulnerable album (“One More Night”, Track 9). When I got back to the hotel after that show, either I was glowing

really hard or my aura was on fire, because somehow I startled all the nice white people getting off the elevator as I stood waiting to get on and off. Oops my bad ya’ll. I was a little high on life at the time. #TrueStory

The Album
When I got back to my hotel room, knowing I was about to meet the #FantasyBoo of our dreams the next day, there was no sleep. Instead I went to Amazon and immediately downloaded the new album released earlier that morning. I just knew he would ask me and wanted to be prepared to show my tangible loyal support. And then I pressed play… Already after midnight, for the next five to six hours, I both smiled and cried as I listened to the lyrics on each song of this masterpiece over and over again. I could not stop, I could not help myself. It was literally as if Kenny and his team had written the entire album specifically for Kitty and only me, because how could anybody else know exactly how I felt in that moment about love and life as intimately as he sang of it? How could he know precisely what I needed to hear to begin the healing of my injured heart and soul, as I lye alone in my hotel feeling sorry for myself having no one to hold me? Well at least for that night I allowed his gentle, soothing words to relax my mind and rock me to sleep with his smooth seductive voice.

The Journey
Later that morning as I prepared to pack my things and head down to San Antonio, I got a call from his team letting me know the details in preparation for the evening. The drive from Dallas, TX felt longer than it probably was. I was so paranoid that something crazy would go wrong to make me miss out on this chance to meet Mr. Lattimore, though I tried to rebuke every negative thought that did arise. It all just felt so surreal. It didn’t help that when I arrived at my original hotel an hour later than planned due to heavy traffic, I was greeted by several fire trucks as the place was on fire and guests were being evacuated as they assessed the situation. Did my aura reach that far, lol? They ended up shutting the place down for the whole night. “Are you kidding me?” I fussed at the sky.

As I sat in my car for 40 minutes trying to figure out what to do next in this unfamiliar place and unusual circumstance, I suddenly noticed another hotel right behind mine and quickly got online to book a room before everybody else ran over there. I had just enough time to check in, stop by a store, find a nice shirt to wear, pick up a sandwich, attempt to fix my wig right and get to the venue with less than 5 minutes to spare. Then there was the train at the light I had just missed that looked like it was never going to end. As I started to panic, I called the venue to let them know I was right down the street and would be there in case anyone asked for me. I was not about to miss this.

The Show
Well I made it in time and an officer directed me to parking. After the Tour Manager and team checked the stage and made sure everything was in order, the concert pretty much started on time as well. Kenny came out opening with, if I’m

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