My Kenny Lattimore Experience + New Album!


not mistaken, his banging new single “Push” with the live band rocking the crowd out the gate. I do love the energetic feel of this track as well as the meaningful lyrics accompanying it. “Push” is that apology we’ve always wanted but never got until now, when He stepped up to the plate to give it to us on behalf of those who hurt us.

Throughout the show, Lattimore also performed snippets of other awesome songs on the new album. Though I must admit it was a little frustrating for me because I had listened to the whole thing the night before and wanted to hear the songs performed in their entirety. They are so good you just have to share with somebody! But from a marketing standpoint I do understand his reasoning for being such a tease. Sadly, it was just like almost reaching an orgasm yet being deprived at the very last second. Yeah I said it. I got through it though knowing that my real climax was after the concert, plus I could listen to the album on my way home.

Back to the Contest
During the concert, Kenny showed love to a few other guests celebrating wedding anniversaries and brought up some good friends on stage who were a part of his very first record deal. Turns out they were sitting right behind me. He also mentioned my name a few times trying to gauge where I was in the venue. A few girls, understandably, raised their hands each time pretending to be me. But see, boss man set the record straight and told them “We know who Kitty Williams is.” Mkay. Of course they already had my picture and contacts.

The singer disappeared backstage for a brief moment and came back with a costume change, looking ever so dapper in his well fitting black suit. “For me?” I said in my head. And then, Girl and THEN as if to respond to my silent inquiry, he began singing my song, “For You”. The crowd went wild as was to be expected over that classic and for that brief glimpse into heaven, I pretended in my head that he was actually proposing to me for real. “Yes,” I whispered quietly as I held my chest and the ladies next to me cheered me on. They suggested I should record what was happening, but I had a cheap 3 year old prepaid phone with a bad camera anyway. I did not want to miss this mind-blowing life experience and opted to give it my full undivided attention instead. Some things you just cannot capture with a lens.

Kenny Lattimore looked directly at me when he sang his special song as promised in the announcement video, reaching out to me and I reached back. I felt a ball of energy barreling towards me, aiming directly for my heart and I wanted to pull it closer, whatever part of it I could grasp. In that moment I felt real love and pride like never before; no one had ever made me feel that way in real life, special and deserving and in public. I needed that more than they knew. The empty seat next to me was no longer an embarrassing pain in my side because my “date” was up on stage loving on me through lyrics in front of everyone. In that moment I no longer felt alone in a room full of strangers, as I had the rest of the year during my solo funtivities. Other than that, we all

got serenaded with several of his known hits and some other notable greats. He showed off his sexy classically trained operatic vocal skills and his very high energy dance moves too. Help me Lord, I know it is wrong to lust, but my center floor seat was perfectly placed to take in all of his magic; not too close, not too far, but just right.

After the Show
I was escorted backstage and got not one, but TWO hugs from the man who had just wowed us all in living color. He held my hand, Both of them, as I secretly envisioned us at the alter already. I hope my eyes did not give my thoughts away. I know, I know, but I am currently single so… We’ll just chop that up to #BadKitty. He gifted me an autographed physical copy of the new Vulnerable album. I had a little Steve Urkel moment and accidentally dropped part of it on the floor in the process. He then picked it up, smiled and handed it back to me as his Tour Manager chuckled in the background. #EmbarrassedKitty.

All in all, I enjoyed meeting Kenny face to face, as well as more of the team and hugging the beautiful and talented lady singers too. Everyone was so kind, from his crew to the venue staff and the officers outside. I hated to leave but when his attention had to turn to the other guests, I knew it was time to make my exit as to not overstay my welcome. Once I made it safely back to my hotel, I stuffed my newly chubby face with that chorizo burger from Whataburger which I had bought earlier. I then sat on the bed with my sad face wondering where I would ever meet a man like that again. Let my brothers tell it, my future husband is somewhere in Los Angeles near them anyway. And now back to the present. I dozed off with Vulnerable playing softly in the background and actually slept better than I had in a long while. The next morning I drove back to Houston and made it to work on time. That was one heck of a road warrior weekend and it was totally worth it!

The Wrap-Up
Now that we’ve gotten through all my mushy stuff, if you’re still here, let’s talk about the man and his mission real quick. Vocalist Kenny Lattimore has known that music was his calling since he was a kid himself. With his mother’s support, he got the training and encouragement needed to lay the foundation for this journey before she passed. God bless her soul, for her contribution in that has blessed so many more. Over the years, the Singer has made it his documented mission to speak to the hearts of women, the minds of men and encourage us all in love. I do believe we can agree that he has succeeded in that task. Having reached a certain level of success in his career and being the responsible kind, Kenny took some time off to focus on his family and raising his son during the most formative years where he would be needed the most as a Father. Applause. And now for his latest trick of balancing raising a teenage son along with PUSHing out this newest project and tour, all while causing a raving Love Revolution among many of his loyal fans.

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