Book Review: 31 Days of Prayer for Your Future Husband


31 Days of Prayer for Your Future Husband

“31 Days of Prayer for Your Future Husband” by Tiffany Langford helps us to understand the Importance of prayer in Preparation for His arrival. She really broke it down in a way that just completely made spiritual sense! ~ The INDIEgator Magazine

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by Kitty Y. Williams
A couple of weeks ago I texted my father a picture I had taken with a longtime celebrity crush whom I had been randomly blessed with the opportunity to meet recently. I told father how I wished I could find a partner just like the gentleman, or at least how he presents himself publicly. My father responded that for my future husband, I just needed to “pray the specific prayer”. So in my head I was like, “Wait, there’s a specific prayer for that?”

I believe in prayer and I pray often, but not having had the desired outcome in my previous relationships (marriage), I guess I had been feeling a bit discouraged in that area and confused on what exactly I needed to say to God to have him give me my heart’s desire. At my age, I feel like I deserve a certain quality of man who will love me and all few of my flaws. One who would not belittle me or make me feel less than I am worth in order to control me; a man who will take care of my needs and protect my heart, the same as I would for him; someone to build into the kingdom with, who is led by God and so on. I take full responsibility for my previously poor choices. I ignored my spirit and my own needs.

I had been feeling a little sad lately about my New Year’s decision to let go of a 4 year romantic relationship with a friend I had known for a decade. But at the same time, I knew it had run its course and was never going to get what I needed out of that situation. He was not ready to build with me and was a broken man, highly dependent upon unfortunate addictions just to cope with life. I just “knew” he was the one, but it turns out he was not. I could not repair his

injured heart with my love alone. I tried prayer too, but with him still admittedly stuck on a journey to find himself and figure out who he was as a man in his 40s, I took that as my queue to leave and do the same as a woman. I’d given us all I had, was completely drained and in a very dark place as a result.

I wish him the best and will always have love in my heart for him and his family. He was certainly not the worst experience of my past, just a really steep learning curve; the most effective actually. I learned more about myself and my needs from that last relationship than any other before. Shortly thereafter, I began my own journey of getting back to who I was at my original core. Over the years I had allowed men to pull me farther from my spiritual foundation in order to please them and submit to their will instead of God’s will; it is no wonder I never manifested the results I was seeking.

Starting in May, a very personal Music Therapy tour ensued. I went to tons of concerts and speaking engagements where the themes were Love, Truth and Self Worth. Famous men I had admired for years were suddenly singing or playing to me through their lyrics or instruments, telling me that I was beautiful, special and that I deserved all the things my heart had always longed for. Spiritually bold women encouraged me to remain faithful in love and strong in my walk with the Lord. I made sure to sit close enough to the stages where I could make soulful eye contact with each of these Messengers and feel as if they were actually talking or crooning directly to me. Being in the realm of their warm

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