Book Review: 31 Days of Prayer for Your Future Husband


loving energies throughout the year truly helped me to cope with being by myself for the first time ever in terms of romance, while I healed internally in preparation for my future earthly King.

During the summer, as part of my continued evolution, I knew it was also important to expand my mind with written literature, otherwise known as self help books. So I bought a few from Amazon that fit the theme of where I am in my life right now and what I’m looking for. The first one I read was “God Where is My Boaz” by Stephan Lebossiere. More on that very popular book later. The second book I read from my new collection, also Boaz themed, is “31 Days of Prayer for Your Future Husband” by Tiffany Langford. And now we’re back to my original question. There’s a specific prayer for that? Yes, in fact there is, as it turns out. And as this book taught me, there are at least 31 prayers and more to come as I continue to grow in this area.

I really enjoyed Tiffany’s introduction in Part 1 of the book as she explained why it is important for, us even as singles, to pray for our future spouse; not only praying that we get one, if that is what’s in our hearts, but praying for them as a person and as a partner as if they already exist in our lives. I just never really thought of it like that before. I had always figured that whenever He finally appeared, we would just pray together going forward. However, now I understand the importance of prayer in preparation for his arrival. She really broke it down in a way that just completely made sense.

All in all, the book was a quick read as I finished it within 2 to 3 hours. It actually would have taken me half the time, however right around prayer number 8, I realized that I could say the same prayers for myself as well as my future husband. So I went back and did just that and finished out the book repeating each prayer twice, the first time for him and the second time modifying the wording to cover me too. Even though Part 2 of the book is set up to do one prayer each day of the month, I kind of just wanted to go ahead and cover all

of my bases now and get it out there in the universe first and then I’d go back and do it the intended way.

The titles tell you what each prayer is for, so that was very helpful in case I ever want to go look up a specific one. While all 31 of these short prayers were very meaningful, my top 3 favorites were Day 9 the “Prayer for His Health”, Day 11 the “Prayer for His Integrity” and Day 31 which brought me to tears; I mean it really broke me down. It took me a moment to read that one because it was so touching and the most important to me and where I am. The tears did flow.

That one was called the “Prayer to Reserve His Heart”. I think my biggest concern as of late was that maybe I had wasted so much time in the wrong relationships, that I would have just missed out on the right one or that it was too late. But the thing about God is, he does not work on our timeline. He works on his own. So this last prayer is very relevant and restored my broken faith about the timing. A snippet of this powerful prayer reads, “…Reserve his heart for mine, and keep us both set aside for each other…” Yes Lord, I needed that.

I just want to thank Mrs Tiffany Langford so much for writing this devotional. Even though it’s her very first one, it is exceptionally moving and very much needed for currently single women of faith like myself, patiently waiting on our Boaz to notice us. I don’t want to be part of the crowd that has not because I asked not. I believe again that my future husband is on the way and now I can faithfully pray for him everyday, with a little assistance if I don’t know what to say. Kitty Williams said that. And then I was going to say “The End”, but truthfully, this is only the beginning…

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