• Filmmaker MaLissa Alexander on Changing the World

    MaLissa Alexander (far left) was born in Houston, TX and is a very humble proud parent of three school aged boys. She’s had a passion for writing since the age of 11. Her dream is to see her stories brought to life on the big screen. Using the knowledge she’s developed over the years, including hands on trial, error and God given talent, MaLissa established RGG Media Group. With this movement, she hopes to not only live her dreams, but to allow others the chance to live theirs as well; one film at a time. The INDIEgator wanted to know more about her company's mission and the following are her responses to our interview. Love this Interview? Comment Below and Share it! http://goo.gl/u00dRj or http://TheINDIEgatorMag.com/?p=4554 by MaLissa Alexander What inspired me to begin writing at such a young age was my English Teacher Ms. Wolfskill at Fondren Middle School.  When she introduced writing to me, it changed my life. For the first time I was actually good at something

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  • Filmmaker DeWayne Etheridge on Determination

    By Kitty Y. Williams Originally from Washington, D.C., independent Filmmaker DeWayne Etheridge currently resides in Charlotte, N.C. where he is living out his dreams of Writing, Directing and Producing several independent movies. His journey in filmmaking began after he graduated from high school in 1999 and reached a crossroads in trying to determine what do with his life. “I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do career wise after finishing school, but I always loved to write stories and watch movies when I was younger. I decided initially to become a music video Director but that was short lived.” Etheridge then made the decision to take his love of writing stories and movies into a career and enrolled in classes at a local cable access channel called CTV in 2002. While there, he learned the rules of basic camera movements, lighting, editing and sound. In addition, he took what he learned about the proper format of Screenplay writing and began writing his own for a

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  • Lunden De’Leon Likes it Dirrty

    - As seen in the Oct/Dec 2012 issue of The Indiegator, Pages 42-45. Official Website │ Facebook by Kitty Y. Williams South Carolina native (by way of Barbados) and Dirrty Records Founder/Filmmaker Lunden De'Leon has been featured in many Movies, TV series, Music Videos and several popular Magazines including Marie Claire, Black Enterprise, Entrepreneur Magazine and has now made her way over to grace the pages of The Indiegator  magazine. Lunden was certain she wanted to be part of the Music industry from the moment when she witnessed her father on stage as the lead singer in a Gospel Band. So the first chance she got, she packed her bags and headed to Hollywood with only $200 she saved up from her Burger King gig.  Uncertain of her future yet determined to overcome any challenges, including a brief stint of homelessness in L.A., De’Leon soon found a roommate that changed her life forever: I tagged along to a Modeling audition with my roommate. I wasn't

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