• YouTube Picks: WilldaBeast Adams (Editor’s Review)

    Article Short Link: http://TheINDIEgatorMag.com/?p=4259 WilldaBeast Adams Choreographer/Instructor Choreographer/Instructor, WilldaBeast Adams. Image © Twitter @WilldaBeast__ by Kitty Y. Williams #Exciting #Invigorating #Amazing #Inspiring... How many hash tags does it take to describe this Visionary on the Dance Floor? After I got my fill of searching for Singers on YouTube, I came upon this Choreographer WilldaBeast and his immaBEAST crew. I used to dance Ballet as a young girl so have always loved the Art of Dance and dreamed of getting back into it one day. My body is not flexible enough for that now, lol, so I find myself living that lost dream vicariously through their videos which constantly blow me away with their Creativity and Awesomeness!!! You just have to check out their work! Visit his official website at www.immaBEAST.com Editor's YouTube Picks (April/June 2014)

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  • Gospel Artist Shaun G’s Gift to the World

    Facebook│YouTube│ Vevo│ Twitter│ Instagram - Article Short Link: http://theindiegatormag.com/?p=4152 In September of 2013 I was invited to a Jam Session at a TV studio in Houston that was featuring a Gospel Artist visiting from Dallas to film a few promos and interviews. My good friend and long time Business associate, Jay (JM & Associates), thought it would be a great idea for me to check this Artist out for a feature in The INDIEgator magazine. Shaun G, is originally from St. Louis but has been living in Texas for the latter years of his life.  Shaun was first introduced to music as a young boy in church and just loved the sound and rhythm especially of Gospel, R&B and Jazz due to their chord changes and the soul behind them. Even so, he still claims to love all styles of music simply because “every style is different and should be appreciated.” His first opportunity to get in on that action and perform himself was during a Christmas program at his home

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  • Introducing “Raw ‘N B” Duo The Vx of Houston

    - As seen in the July/Sep 2012 issue of The Indiegator, Pages 28-29 and Facebook.com/TheVxMusic. Official Website │ Facebook │ Twitter │ YouTube │ iTunes  Every so often, the music industry gets a thirst for something different. A new face. A new sound. A new vision. Something that steps outside the lines of what has become ordinary to our audible palettes. In a business crowded with cloned artistry, The Vx quenches that thirst for freshness, originality and creative appeal. The Vx is a vocal duo hailing from Houston, Texas. Duece, known for his notorious humor and Yiego, known for his cool and charismatic charm. Both offer an edgy flair for music, style and a hint of enticing mischievousness that appeals to the ladies yet remains relatable to the fellas. Together, they go against the grain of what the industry expects—a typical boy band in a solo playing field--The Vx is what music is missing. Since their humble beginnings as teens, Duece and Yiego have worked

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