• My Kenny Lattimore Experience + New Album!

    If ever there were an Album or Artist to wake a sleeping beauty's broken heart, put it back together with one gentle touch and then set it on fire for love again, this would be the one. Mouthful ain't it? I feel compelled to share my personal journey with you about what I'll call: My Kenny Lattimore Experience: The Music, The Man, The Mission Love this Interview? Comment Below and Share it! http://goo.gl/i615pL or www.TheINDIEgatorMag.com/?p=5288 by Kitty Y. WilliamsThe Backstory Since this comprehensive review focuses on the NEW album, I won't go too deep in the past. I was born in '82, so in 1997 I would've been around 14-15 years old when I first heard about Kenny. This was around the time where I still believed I was going to hell for listening to any music other than Gospel or Country. See my Grandfather Zachariah was the co-founder and Bishop of a large church in Alabama. A lot of their narrow ways and customs were passed down through my mother. That didn't

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  • An Intimate Interview with Karma

    By Kitty Y. Williams The first time I met the lovely Karma aka The Diva of Hip Hop Blues, I was sitting off to myself observing the scene at the 2012 RedZone Ultimate Music Fest and Awards put on by Fiyaworks Entertainment and friends. There to accept an award along with several other movers and shakers in the independent music scene here in Houston, I remember this very pretty slender lady in pink who came and sat next to me, striking up a conversation out of the blue. I can’t recall everything we discussed but remembered her having a very humble presence and beauty that stood out in the crowded room. Karma was performing that night and unfortunately I ended up missing it due to additional obligations that evening. Upon later discovering that she was the Headliner at Cole’s of Houston for a Valentine’s Day event the following year, my sweetheart and I made a point to go see her LIVE. It’s always refreshing to see a beautiful woman holding it down across multiple genres

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  • Brian Culbertson’s Jazzy Dreams

    - As seen in the Oct/Dec 2012 issue of The INDIEgator Official Website │ Facebook │ Twitter │ YouTube │ Reverbnation│ USTREAM Brian Culbertson R&B/Jazz Multi-Instrumentalist Los Angeles, California www.BrianCulbertson.com by Kitty Y. Williams A few weeks ago I received an email from Helio PR introducing me to Verve/Universal Recording Artist, multi-Instrumentalist Brian Culbertson out of Los Angeles. Upon researching Brian further, I soon felt as if I had rediscovered Skittles for the first time as a child. Long story short, pure Euphoria! From the very first song I listened to on Amazon, “Still Here” feat. Vivian Green - lead single from his new Dreams album (which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Jazz Albums Chart), to his music videos on YouTube Vevo, I was entranced with the beauty of his collaborative sound and the different genres that were crossed throughout the different pieces. Through the music videos, I fell in love with the Spunk, Character and

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