• Veteran Vocalist Amanda Cole Talks Breaking the Mold

    One of the most Profoundly Powerful Voices I have ever come across on YouTube is that of amazing female Vocalist Amanda Cole. Her “Pretty Hurts” (Beyonce) cover came onto my radar and immediately I found myself rushing to find more of her videos. I soon discovered that Cole is certainly No Amateur. Her Professionalism is very evident while watching her work and hit every intended note with pure precision. Her skill is so good that she was even selected and performed as a member of the R&B super group En Vogue for a few years. This is a Gifted Queen. Read with us and find out how she went from avoiding her unique talent as a youth, to absolutely loving it as an adult and the power she now has to influence other young Artists to be better than the mold created for them. Learn how Amanda has turned both the positive and negative experiences she's had on her musical journey into motivation and fuel to be the best at what she does. The beautiful star also shares the importance of

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  • Lora Mao – The Musical Guardian Angel

    - As seen in the Oct/Dec 2012 issue of The Indiegator, Pages 23-24. Soundcloud │ Facebook │ Twitter │ YouTube │ Reverbnation│ iTunes  a.k.a DreamOfAsiaGirl Music Mixer and Promoter Lora started out in the world of music as a young teen and took piano lessons for five years. She then continued on her own and taught herself for five additional years. She played for church, choirs, and even a country singer in a competition. As Lora got older, there was no way to drag the big piano around, so she lost all of her skills as a Pianist. She had given up on music for herself, however, continued to listen to music from around the world. When introduced to the internet in 1997, Lora began promoting many Unsigned Artists by running a website that gave away their CDs and she compiled the e-mail lists of the new fans for them to add to their own promotions lists. In 2008, Lora moved to Houston, Texas where she was introduced to Myspace and started promoting through that

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