• We Are 100 Percenters: Why Even Vote?

    - As originally seen on WeAre100Percenters.com & in the Oct/Dec 2012 issue of The Indiegator, Page 6-9. Brothers, Ben “Hugo” Jones (Left) and Reggie “Regg Solo” Solomon (Right), who form the group T.O.G. were born and raised in Houston TX. Official Website │ Facebook │ Twitter │ Free Download by T.O.G The inspiration behind the 100% American movement: “The inspiration for this project is three-fold. First, in this time of economic hardship that has affected us and so many Americans, we were looking for opportunities to try our hand at being Entrepreneurs and t-shirts was something we agreed on pursuing. Second, being supporters of President Obama’s vision for America, we wanted to find a way to contribute to the cause and the campaign. That’s why we will donate 10% of sales proceeds to the 2012 Obama Campaign. Finally, we wanted to give a friendly reminder to our society that no matter what race, color, religion, politics, sexual orientation, or

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