• VOTE or Hush 2012: UPDATE

    Originally Posted 11/6/2012 @ 11:30am CST by Kitty Y. Williams For those of you who always have something to say, something to complain about, but never do anything about particularly political or government related issues, I say this to you from the bottom of my heart: Stop complaining about the government and all of its conspiracies and inequalities if you Refuse to vote to change it. Your action or inaction is still a choice, it matters either way. The policies will affect your life one way or another. So be smart, don't stay in the dark. Don't be fooled by hypocrites who tell you that you don't matter when they've already cast their votes. You matter. Good day and good luck. May the best Man win. God willing. ***Update*** Thank you for voting America! While I know that not everyone agrees, I do believe President Obama is sincere and will do his best to make our country a better America. Like him, I truly hope that all the Leaders of our country, regardless of

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  • We Are 100 Percenters: Why Even Vote?

    - As originally seen on WeAre100Percenters.com & in the Oct/Dec 2012 issue of The Indiegator, Page 6-9. Brothers, Ben “Hugo” Jones (Left) and Reggie “Regg Solo” Solomon (Right), who form the group T.O.G. were born and raised in Houston TX. Official Website │ Facebook │ Twitter │ Free Download by T.O.G The inspiration behind the 100% American movement: “The inspiration for this project is three-fold. First, in this time of economic hardship that has affected us and so many Americans, we were looking for opportunities to try our hand at being Entrepreneurs and t-shirts was something we agreed on pursuing. Second, being supporters of President Obama’s vision for America, we wanted to find a way to contribute to the cause and the campaign. That’s why we will donate 10% of sales proceeds to the 2012 Obama Campaign. Finally, we wanted to give a friendly reminder to our society that no matter what race, color, religion, politics, sexual orientation, or

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