• ABCs of Relationships: Emotional Survival Games – Book Review
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    Love this Book Review? Comment Below and Share it! http://goo.gl/SoIfKp or http://TheINDIEgatorMag.com/?p=4543 Book Review by Kitty Y. Williams As an Editor by profession, occasionally I take on Special Projects that I feel will hopefully the world in some way. In early 2014, I was commissioned to edit and redesign a few projects for the owner of Inner Harmony Books, Cynthia Moore. Her first release came in the 1st quarter of that year entitled Soul Say Yes (about living your existence). I enjoyed that book because I am a Businesswoman and believe in independence and the freedom to live my purpose without boundaries. When it came time to edit the second edition of her 2006 book ABCs of Relationships: Emotional Survival Games, I ended up signing up for more than I had anticipated. And it was worth it. In both publications, the Author utilized stories from her own journey in life as well as the coping skills and training she gained as a Licensed Therapist to really break

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  • On The Shelf: Playin’ In The Streets and The Virgin Memoirs
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    - As seen in the April/June 2012 issue of The INDIEgator, Page 23. - Article Short Link Review by Kitty Y Williams Above are two books that I’ve had the pleasure to read recently. Demetrias D. Charles and Miah Gamati grew up on the rough side of the streets in big cities thousands of miles apart from each other. A common theme they share is suffering abuse and the absence of love early on, followed by getting caught up in “the life” as they attempted to fend for themselves in a cold world at young ages. Both Playin’ In The Streets and The Virgin Memoirs share deeply personal details in a chronicled approach, about the journeys of these two souls through all of their tribulations and learning experiences. As cliché as it may sound, I laughed a bit and admit I even got a little teary eyed at some parts as I found myself able to identify with and relate to some of the harsh life lesson’s they’ve learned. In reading these, I was also reminded never to judge anyone

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