• YouTube Picks: WilldaBeast Adams (Editor’s Review)

    Article Short Link: http://TheINDIEgatorMag.com/?p=4259 WilldaBeast Adams Choreographer/Instructor Choreographer/Instructor, WilldaBeast Adams. Image © Twitter @WilldaBeast__ by Kitty Y. Williams #Exciting #Invigorating #Amazing #Inspiring... How many hash tags does it take to describe this Visionary on the Dance Floor? After I got my fill of searching for Singers on YouTube, I came upon this Choreographer WilldaBeast and his immaBEAST crew. I used to dance Ballet as a young girl so have always loved the Art of Dance and dreamed of getting back into it one day. My body is not flexible enough for that now, lol, so I find myself living that lost dream vicariously through their videos which constantly blow me away with their Creativity and Awesomeness!!! You just have to check out their work! Visit his official website at www.immaBEAST.com Editor's YouTube Picks (April/June 2014)

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  • Grown Folks Only: What’s In YOUR Bedroom?

    - As seen in the January 2014, Business Edition issue of The INDIEgator. - Article Short Link: http://TheINDIEgatorMag.com/?p=3531 (Note:  You can skip right to the Interview on Page 2) Business Review: On Saturday, September 7th, 2013, The INDIEgator Magazine attended the Bedroom Kandi "Ladies Night" Launch Party, hosted by our friend Michele Thompkins. The theme was mature, educational conversation about Sex and how to spice things up in your bedroom. This was a classy event which took place in a Fabulous upscale neighborhood in Sugar Land, TX. The whole setup was very Beautiful and Tasteful, the Dessert selections were quite Creative and Artistic. We loved it! Nothing was awkward despite the fact that this was our very first time attending an event like this. Our Editor even participated and won a few prizes! Michele and her Assistants ensured that everyone was comfortable and no one felt left out. Ladies (and Gentleman), if you need a little help getting things even

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  • Special Event: Valentines Day Review 2013

    Mag Editor Kitty Y. Williams, Event Organizer Jazzy Red and Musician C-Bank$ at Coles of Houston 2/14/2013. by Kitty Y. Williams Family Reunion On Valentines Day 2013, The INDIEgator Magazine was invited out by Jazzy Red Productions and Butterflies Creation to celebrate a night of love and good music with a magnificent feast provided by Comfort Food Caterers and their über hot Server who made sure my plate was overflowing with all of Jazzy's good cooking. I'd have to say it was the probably the most enjoyable Valentine's Day I've had in a while. Part of my excitement was the nostalgia from reuniting with so many people like my old friends Jazzy Red and C-Bank$ whom I hadn't seen in a few years and Molew Designs who was there vending custom made earrings. There were several other beautiful people we got the opportunity to meet as well including DJ H-Town Butta and Emcee/Promoter Yolanda B who came down from Austin for the event. Old School Style After everyone had a chance to

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